Feds Target Planned Parenthood After Uncovering Bailout Scheme

To support small businesses during the pandemic shutdown, the federal government provided loans through the Paycheck Protection Program. Those loans were a lifeline for many businesses around the country. However, Planned Parenthood affiliated broke the rules and applied for loans, raking in $80 million. Now, the federal government is going after them.

When states across the country mandated “stay at home” orders, they were effectively dooming countless small businesses. Restaurants were able to limp along with takeout and delivery, but was a far cry from the kind of business they normally do. Imagine other local businesses that couldn’t even do that. They were looking at bankruptcy or laying off much of their staff.

The federal government stepped in and created the PPP. This program provided billions of dollars in loans to small businesses, so they could at least keep paying their staff. The goal was to ensure companies with less than 500 employees could stay afloat until the lockdowns were over.

It turns out that affiliates of abortion giant Planned Parenthood defied those rules and applied for loans. These groups were able to bilk the government out of a whopping $80 million. Feds are not happy.

According to the federal government, thirty-seven Planned Parenthood affiliates filed for a total of $80 million in loans from the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) despite the fact that they weren’t eligible for the loans.

The Planned Parenthood affiliates received the money. Now the federal government wants the money back.

As Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reports, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is contacting the Planned Parenthood affiliates to point out affiliates of larger organizations with more than 500 employees cannot receive PPP funds. Fox News noted, “The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PFFA) alone has had more than 600 employees.” [Source: Daily Wire]

We’ve seen this happen before. Large companies were able to gobble up a lot of PPP funds meant for small businesses. Hell, even Harvard University tried to take millions—despite have a reported $4 billion in the bank. You might have thought that larger organizations would have stepped aside during a crisis, knowing that smaller companies needed this cash.

Nope! This crisis has revealed the true character of many individuals, businesses, and political parties. Instead of rising to the challenge, showing the world their integrity and generosity, these groups cut and ran. They grabbed as much cash from the government as they could, other companies be damned.

Much like the way your neighbors bought up all the milk, eggs, and bread from the grocery stores.

It’s even worse, considering these “affiliates” are groups that only exist to provide abortions. At a time when America is battling a virus, are supporting baby-murdering clinics really a priority? Never mind the fact that they weren’t even eligible for the loans.

The problem is that these Planned Parenthood affiliates may have made knowingly false statements. According to the SBA, they could face criminal or civil sanctions as a result. Sen. Marco Rubio chimed in, saying that because Planned Parenthood has “close to half a billion dollars in assets,” they were not even remotely eligible for these small business loans. He is calling for the SBA to open an investigation into how these loans were approved, given it was a clear violation of the PPP rules.

Yeah, I’d say something fishy was going on. Even though the federal government passed strict rules about who could get PPP loans, numerous ineligible groups got millions. How is that possible? Your local dry cleaners couldn’t get a few thousand to keep the lights on, but Planned Parenthood groups got $80 million?

This is yet another example of government laziness producing corruption. Whoever is running the PPP sat back and let the money go to the wrong groups.

Par for the course, though, when it comes to government.

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