Flashback: Biden Said He’d Be Disabled By 2020

A former business partner of Hunter Biden is coming clean about Joe Biden’s involvement in their dealings. It appears Joe lied when he said he knew “nothing” about what his son was doing—because Bobulinski reveals he was closely involved. During an event in 2017, they even all met to discuss it. While at the event, Bobulinski reminds us of what Joe said about 2020.

The things Bobulinski is revealing about Joe Biden shouldn’t really surprise us. We’ve gotten used to the fact that high-ranking Democrats run basically criminal enterprising from their seats of power. Obama used his authority to enrich his friends and progressive groups. Hillary Clinton got rich off the State Department, selling access to the highest bidder.

And it appears that Joe Biden used his influence as vice president to help himself and his family get rich. That’s what we are learning from the bombshell laptop that revealed numerous documents about Hunter Biden and his father.

Joe Biden repeatedly said he knew nothing about his son’s businesses. That’s the one thing that is certainly not true, according to emails and the testimony of Tony Bobulinski, former partner of Hunter’s. Apparently, Joe was very involved, even as vice president. In 2017, Bobulinski recalls how he and several others met with Biden to discuss a deal. That doesn’t sound like Biden knew nothing about his son’s work.

Then Bobulinski reminded Americans what Joe said about himself by 2020.

Former Vice President Joe Biden told the Milken Conference in May 2017 — where he allegedly met Tony Bobulinski about a business deal with a major Chinese company — that he would not run for president in 2020. He’d be “in a walker,” he joked.

Biden’s remarks have resurfaced due to Bobulinski’s account of meeting with him at the request Biden’s brother, James, and son, Hunter. According to Bobulinski, they met for an hour to discuss the deal before Biden spoke at the Milken event.

Last year, Biden told reporters as he campaigned for president: “I have never discussed, with my son or my brother or with anyone else, anything having to do with their businesses. Period.” Bobulinski’s account suggests Biden’s denial was a lie. [Source: Breitbart]

Pretty odd how Biden claimed he never talked about his son’s businesses, “period.” Then what is Bobulinski talking about, when Biden met with Hunter and others to discuss a deal? Seems like not only did Biden know about Hunter’s work, but even helped plan and orchestrate it.

What’s also interesting is the fact that even Biden knew back then he would be too old to run for president. He joked that he’d need a “walker” by 2020. Well, he might not be using a walker today, but he’s not that far off.

Even this week, Joe Biden had to be escorted away by his staff as he pathetically struggled to answer a simple question. This particular moment perfectly highlighted just how mentally unfit Biden is to be president. The man’s mind is too far gone and he’s being led around by “handlers” who might be calling all the shots.

What would happen if he ended up in the White House? Who would really be making the decisions? God help us if that ever did happen.

Isn’t it funny how back in 2017, Joe was clear-minded enough to know he wouldn’t be fit to run in just three years? It might have been a joke, but he knew it was true. We might never know why he suddenly changed his mind to run, even as his mental and physical health declined. But we can safely say that, although he’s not in a walker, Joe Biden is the last person who should be president.

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