Fox News Host Fires Back At Network For Anti-Trump Rhetoric

Ample evidence has emerged over the last few weeks that the 2020 Election was less than legitimate. If what Trump and his team are saying is true (and when has Trump been wrong?), then many heads are going to roll. Yet despite this bombshell reality, the mainstream media is pretending like its business as usual. Except for only one host.

Let’s get this straight: if what Trump is saying about the election is true, the media should be covering it 24/7. Back in 2000, they covered Al Gore’s month-long demand for a recount despite the fact George Bush was the clear winner. Yet today, when there are numerous states under fire for various forms of fraud, the media tries to ignore it.

This is the President of the United States openly saying Democrats committed one of the most serious crimes imaginable. Yet the media pretends like he’s a deranged crazy man shouting on a street corner. Somebody’s right and somebody’s wrong. Both outcomes will have a dramatic impact on the future of our country.

Considering the media’s utterly pathetic track record over the last four years, I’m not putting my money on them.

And someone who had been recently confronted by her own network is firing from both barrels in defense of the President.

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Jeanine Pirro decried critics of those raising questions about the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election and argued there were numerous areas of concern that warranted those questions.

Pirro declared the media do not call elections and that it was an obligation for President Donald Trump’s supporters to seek answers…

“No one state has yet even certified its vote. Certification, in fact, has not even begun. In fact, the electors do not vote until December 14. We have one President at a time and until there are certifications or the electors vote on December 14, the democratic process must be allowed to play out.”

“But many questions remain. On election night around midnight, President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. And then one by one, the complaints now in the form of affidavits and lawsuits started coming in.” [Source: Breitbart]

The media—from Fox News to “neutral” websites like Axios—all boldly claim that there is “no evidence” of voter fraud. Huh, I guess they are ignoring the sworn affidavits from dozens of people who were witnesses of voter fraud? Not to mention the significant evidence Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has uncovered. Not to mention the reports from GOP poll watchers and the photos and videos we’ve all seen of counting houses covering up their windows.

No, nothing suspicious going on there!

We know Trump scored 73 million votes (at least), the most for a sitting president in our history. Are we to believe a man who held no rallies, couldn’t finish a sentence, and with a mountain of scandals earned more (more than Obama)? Let’s face the facts: fraud occurred on a massive level. Trump has every right to fight tooth and nail to defend his seat and protect Americans from shockingly corrupt politicians who want to hand this country back over to China.

If we don’t fight this kind of thing now, there won’t be a United States of America is four years. Mark my words.

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