Fox Segment Devolves Into Chaos After Leftist Calls Black Guest ‘Negro’

By Jared Harris June 11th, 2020 | Image Source: Fox News

A live news segment went off the rails after a leftist and a civil rights attorney clashed during a debate about defunding the police.

The showdown happened during a live Tuesday episode of Sean Hannity’s Fox News show.

Sparks initially flew after Hannity turned to Leo Terrell, a civil rights attorney, to address the failure of Democratic leadership in major U.S. cities such as Chicago.

The lawyer used the opportunity to highlight how Hannity’s other guest, left-wing activist Cornel West, refused to address a core issue in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody May 25.

“I’ll speak to you, Dr. West, black man to black man,” Terrell said. “There’s looting going on and you’re trying to conflate protesting and police misconduct.”

As Terrell began, West interrupted.

Within 10 seconds, the conversation devolved into a shouting match between the two men that came to a head when West called his opponent “my brother.”

“You are not my brother. You are hurting black people by taking this position,” Terrell shot back. “You are taking the wrong position!”

“Are you a Christian?” West asked. “Then check yourself, Negro.”

“You have lost control,” Terrell answered.

“You are a dinosaur,” he continued. “You have lost it, sir. I am not part of your group.”

Watch the explosive encounter below.

Hannity eventually gave up, announcing that the two would be invited back at a later date for a more orderly discussion.

The spat highlights a larger divide in America over the question of police brutality and the sometimes-violent protests that spawned after deadly encounters with law enforcement went viral.

West previously called the protests a “moment of reckoning” for America.

While it looks like Tuesday’s debate between the two men ended in little more than a stalemate, the two are likely to meet again.

Despite the fact that the first encounter was dubbed the “Battle of the Year,” Terrell said he looked forward to engaging with West in another debate sometime soon.

It remains to be seen if the next encounter on Hannity’s show will be as chaotic as the first.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Fox Segment Devolves Into Chaos After Leftist Calls Black Guest ‘Negro’

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