George Soros Dazed By New Evidence – Billionaire Had Top Access To Highest Levels Of Government

By Adam Casalino August 9th, 2019 | Image Source: Moment Magazine

Soros got caught – now Democrats are taking a big hit!

For decades, Democrats have condemned Republicans for being influenced by big donors—well isn’t this ironic!

All along, Democrats have been catering to one super-rich liberal. A man by the name of George Soros.

Conservatives have known for a long time that Soros is a megadonor that influences the Democrats. But we had no idea just how much control he had over the Obama administration.

Now, the truth is coming out. During the 2016 Election, Soros was frequently consulting with the State Department.

What he was up to is staggering.

From The Hill:

In the spring of 2016, Team Soros marched to the top of the State Department to protect some of [his] investments, according to newly released department memos providing a rare glimpse into the Democratic donor’s extraordinary access to the Obama administration.

Woah. According to this new report, George Soros appears to have had incredible influence in the Obama administration.

Citizens United have uncovered numerous calls, emails, and meeting requests from Soros to Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during the 2016 Election.

His people had access, nearly direct access, to the State Department. One of his people was literally giving advice to Nuland, telling her what to do.

Soros gives as much as $1 billion a year to political causes. He has helped 2 dozen prosecutors get elected, trained fellows working at the State Department, and supports global media institutions.

You can bet they report exactly what he wants them to.

But we are learning just how much influence he expected to have after Hillary Clinton was elected. He thought, with her help, he could reshape his home country’s government—to benefit his business.

Democrats like Obama, Clinton, and Nancy Pelosi have received windfalls from this man. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that he has shaped the policy of liberals around the world.

Are you surprised that all 2020 candidates are pushing left like never before? You can thank George Soros the globalist for that.

Democrats pretend to want to end big donors from influencing our government. Oh really? They never seem to turn away Soros’ influence and checks.

Soros had frequent meetings with officials during the Obama years. What do you think that was all about?

Thankfully, shines some light on Democrat donors pulling the strings, and what Republicans need to watch out for and investigate.

Don’t be fooled. Most Democrat are probably in the pocket of rich globalists. You better believe Soros may be pulling the strings of most—if not all—of the 2020 candidates.

He did it with Obama. He was doing it for Clinton. He’ll certainly be doing it for Sanders, Warren, Biden or whoever gets the nomination.

If Trump is beaten by one of them, you better believe it will be Soros, not the president, who will be calling the shots.

Do you want a globalist billionaire deciding your future? I doubt it.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: George Soros Dazed By New Evidence – Billionaire Had Top Access To Highest Levels Of Government

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