Gingrich Exposes Biden’s Plan To Destroy Suburban America

As Biden’s progressed through the election, he has become more and more left-wing. Policies he claimed to reject previously are now becoming pillars of his platform. Conservative figure Newt Gingrich exposed one of the major Obama-era policies Biden wants to bring back. It might destroy suburban America as we know it.

Why was Obama such a bad president? Because he was a socialist disguised as a liberal. Liberals weren’t originally police-hating, church-burning, radical anarchists that loved Karl Marx more than George Washington. That transformation happened rapidly under Comrade Obama.

You may not have noticed it, but many of his policies were aimed at ushering in an age of socialism. Of course, Obamacare was meant to fail so that Obama’s successor could implement universal, government-funded, health care. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

Obama went after private businesses, schools, and landowners. His radical regulation nearly crippled our energy production. The goal, of course, was to take more money from free citizens and put it into the hands of the government. Socialism at work.

But perhaps his worst move wasn’t widely talked about. It would have destroyed the fabric of hundreds of thousands of communities. Trump revoked it, but Biden is sure to bring it back.

His most recent attack on the American people was his endorsement (or borrowing) of the Cory Booker-James Clyburn plan to use the federal government to destroy the suburbs by forcing changes imposed by Washington bureaucrats. The plan would seek to diversify American suburbs by withholding federal dollars from communities that do not change local zoning ordinances to accommodate denser housing.

Now, this policy is opposed by 65% of all Americans, with just 23% favoring government playing a role in diversifying neighborhoods, according to Rasmussen Reports. Among Democrats, 56% say it’s not the government’s job to dictate local community plans – along with 73% of Republicans and 68% of independents. [Source: Fox News]

Obama’s original rule was to “diversify” suburban neighborhoods, which was code for forcing the inner-city crime into safe parts of the country.

The dream of living in a safe, friendly community is embraced by many Americans. But it takes hard work and financial planning. Biden would eradicate that all by passing a rule that forced towns to allow “dense,” low-income housing. That would import many of the inner-city problems into suburban America.

Obama’s goal was to radically alter voting demographics, so that Democrats would dominate every region in the country. But the larger goal was to destroy prosperous neighborhoods. Destroy people’s private wealth encourages more government control. This rule is both a wild government overreach that would lead to more government overreach.

Once safe neighborhoods would be overrun by gangs, drugs, and poverty. Those that could, would flee elsewhere. But when this rule applies to all America, where would you go?

Biden could easily push this rule, saying the cost to live in the suburbs is “racist” to poor minorities. Despite the fact that people of all races work hard to afford to live in good communities.

This rule would reward people who refuse to work hard and already coast on government handouts. It would bring poverty and chaos to every corner of the country.

But that would be the plan. Destroy Americans’ prosperity, so they have no choice but to rely on the government. Wealth would flow into the hands of corrupt bureaucrats and D.C. powerbrokers. The dream of owning land and your own home would be destroyed, all in the name of “social justice.”

Don’t be fooled. This is a major goal of the left. It would give them more political power and move us closer to a Communist America.

The only thing standing in their way is Donald Trump.

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