GOP Governor Hits Back Hard On Rioters With Powerful New Law

By Ryan Ledendecker September 23rd, 2020 | Image Source: CNN

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just dropped the legal hammer on any violent mobs or rioters that attempt any form of violence, threats or destruction in his state in the wake of a number of Democrat-led U.S. cities being absolutely destroyed by dangerous, leftist crowds.

On Monday, DeSantis released a long and impressive list of new criminal offenses and the resulting penalties for those who attempt to take part in any form of rioting, looting, blocking highways or even harassing people at a restaurant — you know, all of the thugs that the liberal mainstream media labels as “mostly peaceful” protesters.

“Today I announced bold legislation that creates new criminal offenses and increases penalties for those who target law enforcement and participate in violent or disorderly assemblies,” tweeted DeSantis. “We will always stand with our men and women in uniform who keep our communities safe,” DeSantis tweeted.

The new list of penalties is wide-ranging, with steep potential jail sentences and fines for those who attempt to break the new laws, including making it a 3rd degree felony to topple monuments and statues.

Sorry, Antifa thugs, no more cancel culture in the red state of Florida.

Also, as we’ve all seen countless times during live coverage of the riots that plagued America over the summer of 2020, violent Antifa rioters love striking law enforcement officers with objects, from frozen bottles of water to large bricks. But under the new laws, striking a cop with anything means a “Mandatory Minimum Jail Sentence” of six months.

Another new law that has many buzzing is the “Prohibition on Obstructing Roadways.” One of the most commonly used tactics for leftist mobs is to block major roadways, which has a number of consequences including preventing ambulances and first responders from getting where they’re needed to be.

And then when the protesters are struck by a vehicle, they’re quick to play the victim card, which in some states can result in criminal penalties for the driver of the vehicle.

Now, under DeSantis’ new laws, that’s most certainly not the case in Florida. Not only is it now a 3rd degree felony to block roadways during an “unpermitted protest, demonstration or violent or disorderly assembly,” drivers who feel they need to flee from violent mobs blocking roadways will no longer be held liable for striking the rioters, even if it results in death.

DeSantis is convinced that his state’s new laws will set an example for others to follow suit, as the states run by Democrats seem to continually let violent, thug rioters have free reign when it comes to total destruction without consequence.

“We’re not going to go down the road that other places have gone,” the governor said. “If you do it, and you know that a ton of bricks will rain down on you, then I think people will think twice about engaging in this type of conduct.”

Gov. DeSantis should be applauded for taking a hard stance to prevent and discourage violent assemblies and riots and hopefully it’s only a matter of time before other red state governors follow his lead.

Author: Ryan Ledendecker

Source: The Federalist Papers: Florida Governor Approves Powerful New Laws That Will Scare Would-Be Rioters Back To Mom’s Basement

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