[GRAPHIC] BLM Militants Execute Police Officers In Cold Blood

By M. Dowling September 24th, 2020 | Image Source: The New York Times

Update: One officer is being treated, another is undergoing surgery, and their injuries are non-life-threatening. A suspect is in police custody. One man is tweeting that his son is one of the injured and was shot four times.

Louisville’s mostly peaceful protesters’ are setting fires, smashing windows, and shooting at police. Ten shots were fired at police and Fox News is reporting that two officers are down.

This could not have happened without the media. The media pushed a fake narrative for months since the tragic March ACCIDENTAL shooting of Breonna Taylor. They were helped by virtue-signaling celebrities. Our media is evil and they have blood on their hands.

Democrats have no small part in this.

A Fox News reporter just said at 9:38 that “perhaps there was some criminal activity here.” Perhaps??? Geraldo said Breonna Taylor was shot in her bed and that’s not true. Can’t the media get anything right? All the media is misreporting.

A lot of these ‘protesters’ are gang people — criminals — riled up by paid leftist organizers. They say they are Black Lives Matter. They are militants, just like the Black Panthers.


This could be ended very quickly if the police were allowed to do their job.


It is complete anarchy and it’s what Democrats clearly want. These organizers are funded. Antifa has a strong presence and is setting fires:

Evil New Yorker Linda Sarsour is leading rioters:

Author: M. Dowling

Source: Independent Sentinel: Two officers down, shot in Louisville during BLM ‘protest’

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