Herman Cain: Growing Support For Trump Among Black Voters Has Democrats ‘Terrified’

By Andrew Mark Miller February 14th, 2020 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Herman Cain said President Trump’s policies are starting to win over black voters.

In an opinion piece written for Western Journal, Cain detailed an experience he had with a black small business owner who waited for him as he exited a plane and spoke of his support for Trump.

Cain, a former pizza business CEO and presidential candidate, explained how this black Trump supporter saw through the “groupthink that has clearly afflicted the black population” in the United States.

“He hasn’t been influenced by the rhetoric, the innuendo and the propaganda,” Cain wrote. “He’s looking at the results. He works hard at his business, and he understands the dynamics that are necessary if he’s going to succeed. He recognizes that it’s President Trump’s policies that are creating that necessary environment for success.”

Cain argued that if a black man supporting Trump makes that man a “traitor” to his race, then it’s “a race that’s got its priorities seriously out of whack.”

The former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza also referenced the fact that Trump has presided over the lowest black unemployment rate in U.S. history, with a link showing a black unemployment rate of 5.4% in November 2019.

Cain concluded the piece by saying he is confident there are many more black Trump supporters out there, and that should make Democrats and the media “terrified.”

Recent polling has indicated that Trump’s approval rating with the black community is expanding.

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: Herman Cain: Growing support for Trump among black voters has Democrats ‘terrified’

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