Hillary Clinton Slips — Accidentally Reveals Democrat Plan To Steal 2020

Image Source: The Right Scoop

Hillary Clinton says that Joe Biden should never concede the election under any circumstances, and here’s why:

Hillary says Democrats need a massive “legal operation”, which she says Biden is working on. She then says that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede the race under ANY circumstances because “I believe this will drag out…”

Why would it drag out? Because what she’s really saying that if the ballots aren’t going their way or if it’s close, they are going to fight every little thing in the courts and try and use the courts to win this election. Which ultimately means chaos will ensue on election night and for the days and weeks (and months) afterward.

As a side note, remember how apoplectic the media was at Trump just a couple weeks ago because when some idiot reporter asked if he would concede if he lost, and Trump wouldn’t say he’d concede? It’s a stupid little game they play because conspiracies are running wild on the left about how Trump’s going to try and stay in power if he loses or something. Well look at Hillary Clinton now claiming that Joe Biden shouldn’t concede under any circumstances. A bunch of damn hypocrites.

Author: The Right Scoop Staff

Source: The Right Scoop: WATCH: Hillary Clinton telegraphs how Democrats are going to try and steal the election

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