Hours Before Relief Bill Passed The Senate – Democrats Deleted Trump Deal To Help Both Flagging Oil Industry And America

By Adam Casalino March 27th, 2020 | Image Source: Patriot Journal

Republicans put together a bill to help America stay afloat after the government shut down our economy. What did Democrats do?

They exploited the opportunity to get their own wish list in, slamming the brakes on the emergency bill in the process.

Then, they stripped out a brilliant deal that Trump himself wanted.

And it might leave us vulnerable in the future.

From Fox News:

An earlier draft of the legislation included $3 billion in appropriations for the Energy Department’s SPR Petroleum Account meant “for necessary expenses related to the acquisition, transportation, and injection of domestic petroleum products.” After Democrats resisted, claiming it was an expensive bailout for the oil industry, it was removed from the final version.

Democrats stripped out a $3 billion measure in the bill that would have replenished the country’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Right now, oil is at one of the lowest prices ever. If you get a chance, fill up the tank in your car.

It was a no-brainer for the government to spend $3 billion (a relatively low sum), to take advantage of this window of opportunity.

Democrats axed it, claiming it helps “big oil.” Are you kidding me, Democrats?

American oil companies are in dire straits right now with oil prices at historic lows. It’s part of the reason the stock market went into a freefall.

At the moment, they’re doing all they can to not go bankrupt and lay people off.

And like it or not, the country needs oil. Even those fancy (and expensive) electric cars liberal elites drive need oil.

It’s not like wind turbines are generating enough juice to quick-charge a Tesla!

Do Democrats think electricity is generated by pixie dust and children’s wishes? We need oil, plain and simple.

America is a global leader in oil production, thanks to Trump. Oil prices are at an all-time low. Why wouldn’t you spend a small sum (compared to some of the other measures in the bill) to stock up?

If this crisis has taught us anything is that the government has to plan for the worst. We were caught off guard by this virus, because the Obama administration didn’t replenish the government’s stockpile of N95 masks.

But we don’t want to stockpile oil when it’s so cheap? Yeah, good idea, Democrats.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Hours Before Relief Bill Passed The Senate – Democrats Deleted Trump Deal To Help Both Flagging Oil Industry And America

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