Judge Napolitano Busted Again Spreading Lies About President Trump

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Judge Nap is back and doing what he does best…trying to trash President Trump

There’s nothing that deranged Judge Napolitano loves more than to spread fake news and false info to undermine President Trump.

Many people wonder what happened to Judge Nap—he used to be such a fair and balanced voice of reason…and then one day he went off his rocker and turned into Shep Smith Jr.

The word on the street is that Judge Nap expected that he’d be nominated to the SCOTUS, and when he wasn’t, he got angry. He’s been lashing out at President Trump ever since.

He’s a former superior court judge from New Jersey, for crying out loud—Nap is not a “Constitutional expert.” Plus he often gets stuff wrong—either accidentally or on purpose, or more than likely a bit of both.

Things got so wild, that Judge Nap was actually endorsing the Democrats’ outlandish attempt to impeach President Trump.

We’ve all learned the hard way to take everything this former superior court judge says with a grain of salt.

Now, Judge Nap has jumped into the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) federal troops debate which is raging full-steam ahead after Attorney General Bill Barr testified before the House Judiciary Committee, defending President Trump’s use of the troops to help restore order in Portland and protect our federal courthouses that Democrat communists are trying to destroy.

Of course, the Democrats are acting as if the DHS troops are evil “Nazi stormtroopers” squashing the rights of patriotic “peaceful” Americans.

Judge Nap put his two cents in on the debate —of course taking the side of Democrats— when he wrote an op-ed for the Washington Times, saying this:

“Feds may not deploy police or military domestically unless the state governor requests it.”

But once again, Nap is wrong.

Daily Caller reporter Eddie Zipperer called out Judge Nap for spreading more false info:

“Judge Napolitano is wrong. DHS agents only need the permission of state and local governments if they intend to enforce state and local laws. It’s in the Homeland Security Act of 2002. (40 U.S. Code § 1315)”

Eddie then shared a screenshot of the actual code he is referring to:

Here’s what some Twitter users said about Judge Nap being wrong yet again:

“The judge has been wrong a lot. TDS impairs one’s cognitive abilities.”

“He wrong ALL THE TIME. Drives me crazy.”

“He knows this but he is such a never Trump clown he tries to twist sht at every turn. Also how is a state judge all the sudden an expert on constitutional lae”

“Nap has gone AWOL on the party ever since President Trump rejected his plea to become a Supreme Court Justice. He has the same credibility as Dr Faux!”

Judge Nap has been built-up as this “constitutional” law genius, and he’s not.

He’s simply a former superior court judge with a very limited “legal scope” which is further hindered by the fact that he has a raging case of Stage Five TDS.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: Judge Napolitano busted again spreading false info to undermine President Trump

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