JUST IN: ICE Facility Protester Hurls Molotov Cocktail And “Incendiary Devices,” Police Deliver Swift Justice

By J.R. July 14th, 2019 | Image Source: I Love My Freedom

Things were already popping off at an ICE detention facility in Colorado, where protesters took down the American flag, dirtied it, then hung it back upside down alongside a Mexican flag.

That was pretty bad.

But it looks like something crazier just went down at a detention center in Washington state.

From Daily Beast:

A man who was allegedly armed with a rifle and throwing molotov cocktails at an ICE detention center in Tacoma, Washington was killed by responding police officers on Saturday, police said.

Some people fight for the wrong things. Some people just don’t realize how good they have it in America.

More from News Tribune:

The man was throwing the incendiary devices at outbuildings and cars in the center’s parking lot. One car caught fire and burned.

He also attempted to explode a propane tank installed at the site, according to police.

In a statement, police said shots were fired. After initially taking cover, police found the man. He was dead.

Police said he was wearing a satchel and gear that contained flares.

Complete ridiculousness. Never should have happened.

By the time Democrats realize what they are doing it wrong, it will be too late and the U.S. will suffer.

ICE raids are set to sweep America very, very soon.

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to see illegal aliens leave the country, just like every other Democrat in America.

But Hillary went further than most people by advising illegals on how to avoid ICE agents – and she did it in Spanish.

Here’s her tweet:

Here’s the translation into English:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) did pretty much the same thing as Hillary. So did Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

You know, because they’re such proud Americans.

More on the raids, via Fox News:

Starting Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is expected to resume its previously announced plan to apprehend thousands of illegal immigrants across the country.

The reinvigorated effort comes just weeks after President Trump tweeted that ICE was preparing to kick off days of raids in at least 10 major cities. The operation was halted, however, the day before it was set to start, to give Congress time to arrive at a legislative solution on immigration. Trump said his administration would relaunch the raids after a two-week window – after the Independence Day observance – and that time now seems to have arrived.

So why are the raids being publicized days in advance?

“It’s unprecedented. But there is a political purpose behind it,” Thomas Kilbride, a retired Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agent and ICE policy adviser, told Fox News. He said the president has tried to get Democrats to come to the table because asylum laws need to change, and this is a way to bargain.

Author: J.R.

Source: I Love My Freedom: JUST IN: ICE Facility Protester Hurls Molotov Cocktail And “Incendiary Devices,” Police Deliver Swift Justice

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