Leaked Clip Exposes The Secret Biden Has Been Trying To Hide

Throughout the year, Joe Biden has repeatedly said things that would have disqualified any other candidate. Back in May, he insulted black Trump supporters, saying they “ain’t black.” Later, he said that black Americans are “less diverse” than Hispanics. Now, a new clip has emerged, continuing the Democrat’s disturbing trend.

The more we learn about Joe Biden during this election, the more we have to ask ourselves: How stupid are the Democrats?

Out of over 20 candidates running during the primaries, they ended up with the guy who is suffering from a severe mental illness. It’s impossible to deny by now. Sure, they can load him up with drugs, sneak an earpiece during the debates, but sooner or later, Joe is going to prove something is very wrong upstairs.

His campaign has tried to keep as tight a lid on Biden’s appearances and comments, but come on man, he needs to appear before the American public. And when he does, not even a teleprompter can save him.

We got a break from the insanity over the weekend, as the world focused on Trump’s COVID recovery. But, once again, Biden is back saying another truly unacceptable thing. Had a Republican, heck even another Democrat, said this they’d be gone ASAP. Because Biden said it, we’re all supposed to just shrug and move on.

I don’t think so.

Joe Biden has landed in hot water over a viral clip of him suggesting why people were able to quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

“They’re saying, ‘Jeez, the reason I was able to stay sequestered in my home is because some Black woman was able to stack the grocery shelf,'” Biden is heard saying in the clip.

The 10-second clip, which was originally shared on Sept. 29, was just a snippet of comments the Democratic nominee made during a Sept. 15 roundtable with veterans in Tampa, Fla…

“What???? And Black folks STILL giving him a pass!” National Diversity Coalition for Trump CEO Dr. Darrell Scott exclaimed. [Source: Fox News]

How can any black person defend Joe Biden when he keeps saying things like this? Throughout his long career, he has made comments that suggest he looks down on black people. Why would he even say something that demeaning about black women? Does he think black women can only stock grocery store shelves? Did he really think saying this would impress black people?

Yet, because he’s the Democratic nominee for president, the media all but ignores these racist comments. Had this been a Republican, black people would be outraged. They would flood social media with demands for an answer from the person who said it. God forbid Donald Trump say anything remotely like this! Black women would—rightly so—demand he apologize or at least clarify what he meant.

Instead, female black leaders in our country are silent, because they want this old Democrat to win. Never mind the fact that no one who says these things should get anywhere near the White House.

Democrats continue to push the false narrative that President Trump is racist—despite the many accomplishments he’s made for black Americans.

What has Biden done for black people? From what he often says, we have no choice but to conclude he looks down on non-whites—and women. Woe to you if you’re both!

Already the left is trying to make excuses, even suggesting this was taken out of context. Really? In what context could a demeaning statement like this be alright?

Now you know why they keep putting a “lid” on his appearances. Why Joe does so few events and interviews that aren’t heavily controlled by his people. It’s because they fear he’ll reveal his true colors to the country as a confused, mentally ill, racist.

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