Leaked: Sanders Exposes Startling Truth About Biden In Private Interview

Image Source: Kashmir Observer

Many Americans have expressed their doubts about Joe Biden and his lackluster campaign. The only strategy he seems to have is to slander Donald Trump, blaming him for all the world’s ills. To make matters worse, the Democrat appears to be losing his mind—and his handlers are struggling to hide that fact. Now, news is leaking that Bernie Sanders is growing worried that Biden will blow it in the coming weeks.

Despite the unusual events of this year, the 2020 Election is shaping up a lot like 2016. Polls released by the mainstream media have the Democratic candidate up by large margins. This, despite a shocking lack of enthusiasm by so-called supporters, low-energy events, and a candidate suffering a serious illness. On the other side, Trump supporters are coming out of the woodwork to see the man. Just this weekend he visited Nevada. Even though the governor tried to shut down his rallies, he still packed out the venue.

Have we seen anything close to this in a Biden event? The man can blame COVID all he wants, but if he decided to host a rally—would anyone show up?

And that’s before even factoring in the left’s non-existent platform. The Democratic National Convention was nothing but doom-and-gloom. Very little hope was express. Much of the time was devoted to leftists shrieking “Orange Man Bad,” much like their allies rioting in the streets.

Joe Biden’s entire platform is to blame Trump for everything. He thinks stoking hate for Trump is a winning strategy. Meanwhile, his party continues to let riot ravage major cities and punish Americans for just going to work.

Now, even hardcore socialist Bernie Sanders believes Joe’s going to blow it.

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders has privately voiced worries about the way Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has been campaigning as the race heads into its final weeks, according to a report.

Sanders… has said he wishes Biden would focus more on kitchen table issues like higher wages, job growth and health care access in campaign stops rather than criticizing President Trump, the Washington Post reported, citing three sources familiar with his conversations…

The independent senator from Vermont also believes Biden’s centrist rather than progressive approach could lead to another Democratic loss, the sources said. Still, some of Biden’s policies have undoubtedly moved farther to the left as the Democratic Party continues to become more progressive. [Source: Fox News]

Sanders is right to worry that Joe’s strategy of attacking Trump, instead of focusing on issues, will lose him the election. But notice what Bernie thinks Joe should do: move further to the left.

Now that’s hilarious! Joe Biden has been alienating millions of Americans—including Democrats—by already moving too far to the left.

Where would he go if he went further? Do you want to know who he’d be appealing to, if he moved further left?

Black Lives Matter activists and Antifa anarchists. The very same people who hate America and are trying to burn it to the ground.

It’s amazing that Sanders is smart enough to realize Biden is going to lose, then recommends him do the very thing that will accelerate his loss.

Biden has come to represent everything wrong with the radical left. He has been forced to own the violent riots, reckless lockdowns, and toxic policies that will destroy America’s prosperity.

Meanwhile, he refuses to hold rallies, go door-to-door, and is hiding the fact that he has dementia.

If he were to take Sanders’ advice and go further left, that would be the end of his campaign, period.

Millions of Americans, even liberals, are rallying around Trump because he’s delivering results. Biden can throw as many accusations at Trump as he likes, he’s never delivered in his 40+ years in office.

And, after all, Sanders did the very thing he’s telling Biden to do… and lost twice.

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