Leftist Heads Explode As Renowned Rapper Endorses Trump

Democrats have prided themselves on one thing: controlling the black vote. For decades, they’ve made it impossible for black Americans to vote for anyone other than left-wing candidates. Then, along comes Trump, who actually does for black folks what Democrats promised for years. Now, notable black celebrities have worked or endorsed the president. The left is on full meltdown.

It’s no secret that Democrats have taken the black vote for granted. The same way they’ve taken the blue-collar and Hispanic votes for granted. Honestly, the only people they haven’t taken for granted are rich celebrities who fund their campaigns. But the damn is breaking and Democrats are only now taking notice.

When President Trump ran for office in 2016, he appealed to black Americans. He promised to help them and he sure did. That’s why a movement to leave the Democratic Party has seen millions of former Democrats flock to Trump’s banner. Famous black icons have even spoken up in support for Trump. It started a few ago with Kanye West. Now, rappers like Ice T, 50 Cent, and others have expressed support for Trump.

Yet another influential rapper has gotten on board.

Rapper Lil Wayne set the internet on fire Thursday night when he announced that he had a meeting with President Donald Trump and praised POTUS for his work on criminal justice reform and the administration’s “Platinum Plan,” which is intended to bolster black Americans’ prosperity.

“Just had a great meeting with [President Donald Trump],” Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., captioned a photo of the pair together.

“Besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform,” he added, “the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Now, why would all these black celebrities—who could get ostracized by their industry—go out on a limb for Donald Trump? And why would so many black voters appear at rallies and marches, wearing red MAGA hats to show love for the president?

Because actions speak louder than words. And while Democrats have promised black people the moon for years, it’s been Trump who has done plenty for this community. He got prison reform done, something Obama refused to do. He has invested billions in Opportunity Zones to bring jobs to the inner city. And he’s provided school choice for black families.

But more than that, President Trump is willing to meet and listen to black leaders anytime, anywhere. More than a few celebrities, politicians, and educators have expressed thanks that Trump actually bothered to meet with them and take their concerns seriously. Obama, on the other hand, never did that.

Why would Democrats so quickly dismiss the concerns for the black community? Because they only seem to care about blacks when it’s time to vote. Remember, Joe Biden openly said that if you support Trump, “you ain’t black.”

That’s the kind of insulting, demeaning attitude liberals had towards black Americans for years. And it’s not just white liberals. Obama acted that way too.

The media can say all they want about Trump—but they can’t change the fact that he is doing good for all Americans, especially black folks. When rappers are bold enough to thank him for support, you know something radical is happening.

Do you think more than a few black Americans will vote for Trump next Tuesday? You better believe it.

Now you understand why the left is freaking out so much.

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