Liberal ‘Boycott’ Demand Of Trump-Supporting Company Backfires

During a recent press event, CEO of Goya foods thanked President Trump for his leadership. Quickly, Democrats mounted a campaign to “cancel” this beloved company, urging Americans to boycott their products. In response, conservatives made them regret their hasty, reckless actions.

Boy, you gotta be pretty pathetic to want to boycott an ethnic food company over Donald Trump. The president held a press event where he signed a new executive order aimed at helping Hispanic Americans. A man the left accuses daily of being a racist Nazi just used the power of the executive branch to make it easier for Hispanic Americans to get better education for their children.

What a monster.

During the event, numerous Hispanic Americans and figures spoke. They had the gall to thank Donald Trump for his unwavering support. They must have all been race traitors, right? I mean, Trump hates Hispanics and non-whites, if you believe CNN. How could any Hispanic look fondly on a man who is putting Americans first, helping even minorities achieve the American dream?

CEO of Goya Foods—a Hispanic owned company that provides products to mostly Hispanic Americans—thanks Donald Trump for helping his business thrive. Almost immediately, rabid leftists attacked. They quickly called for a boycott of this minority-owned business. So, Trump supporters quickly swooped in and proved which side had the real power to change a business.

Following Goya CEO Robert Unanue’s expressed Trump support and the Left’s subsequent threats to boycott the (Hispanic-owned) company, customers have actually been buying the product as a counter-protest. This has been described as a “buy-cott.”

According to Fox Business, the “buy-cott” began when radio host Mike Opelka encouraged people on Twitter to buy up $10 worth of Goya Food products…

The tweet received over 27,000 likes, prompting many conservative commentators to promote the campaign…

On Saturday, a GoFundMe was launched to raise money to feed the hungry using Goya Food products; it has since amassed over $43,000 dollars…

The controversy over Goya Foods erupted last week when CEO Robert Unanue said America is “truly blessed” to have President Trump during a Rose Garden speech about the White House’s Hispanic prosperity initiative. [Source: Daily Wire]

The GoFundMe campaign is now at $62,000.

The real reason liberals want to boycott Goya? They are terrified that, once again, a notable minority is speaking up for and supporting Trump. It flies in the face of the left’s tired, unending narrative that Trump is a racist.

Would Unanue say he is “truly blessed” by Trump, if he believed Trump was a hateful racist? Would he even appear at a White House event at all, if he thought for a second that Trump hated Hispanics?

The obvious answer is no. Americans can easily put that together, realizing that the left’s narrative has been completely shattered. Petrified that more people will walk away from the left’s insanity, they decided instead to destroy a Hispanic-owned business, one that is relied on by millions of Hispanic customers.

Tell me, who are the real racists? Conservatives are eager to open their wallets to support Unanue’s company, especially impressed that he was brave enough to thank Trump. They are eager to support a Hispanic-owned business, just to see it thrive in the face of leftist aggression. Liberals, on the other hand, quickly showed their hatred for a minority-owned company. They are literally trying to take food out of the mouth of babies.

Over what, politics? Maybe it has more to do with the fact that they don’t really care about Hispanic Americans. At least, they only seem to care about them, when they are voting Democrat.

The good news is Unanue refuses to apologize. He called out the left’s hypocrisy, only further impressing conservatives.

Goya Foods might see its best business ever.

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