Liberal Celeb Publicly Issues Menacing Threat To Mitch McConnell

By Popzette Staff June 26th, 2020 | Image Source: Life Zette

It seems that you don’t need to pass a psych test to find success in Hollywood.

Hollywood star Jim Carrey just debuted yet another one of his disturbing political cartoons, this one targeting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) in a threatening manner.

Carrey’s latest grotesque painting showed a slug-like McConnell in front of a lawnmower that is coming right for him. “It’s comin’ Mitch! Soon all greedy garden pests and political invertebrates will be mowed down,” Carrey captioned the cartoon. “Your Senatorial infestation ends in 2020.”

This came hours after McConnell easily won Republican Party stature on Tuesday, although he will still have to face a yet-to-be determined Democrat in the general election in November.

Carrey has become known for his deranged pieces of political art that typically target President Donald Trump but also sometimes go after other Republicans, like McConnell. Back in 2018, the “Dumb And Dumber” star depicted McConnell and other Republican leaders eating “s***” sandwiches as Trump sat tweeting on the toilet. “Every morning Trump makes special breakfast sandwiches for House Republicans. Devin Nunes eagerly finishes first and always asks for seconds!” Carrey captioned the disgusting piece of “art.”

Carrey had promised back in January that he would stop making political cartoons, saying that he “didn’t bring that into 2020” with him. “I’ve said what I need to say, and I’ve allowed it to inhabit my body and cause whatever low vibrations do to a body,” Carrey said at the start of the year, according to Breitbart News. “You know, I sounded my yelp, I warned people, and that’s enough. They know how I feel.”

“So I’ll vote in November, and that’s that,” he added. “If the wheels come off the wagon completely, then I’ll meet them in the street. But I’m not going to waste another moment of my time with a narcissist, President…what’s his name again?” Unfortunately, this did not last long, as Carrey was back to creating his political “art” by March. It seems that you don’t need to pass a psych test to find success in Hollywood.

Author: Popzette Staff

Source: Life Zette: Jim Carrey threatens Mitch McConnell with grotesque cartoon: Says he’ll ‘be mowed down’

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