Liberal Commentator Enrages The Left By Siding With Trump

Ever since the U.S. was slammed by the virus, liberal reporters have tried to defend China. They attacked the president when he called it the “China virus.” Some have gone as far as to say using that term is racist. Yet well-known liberal comedian (and Trump critic) defied the left to put the blame where it belongs.

Let’s recap the hell that has been the last two months, shall we? A new virus struck the United States. To date, nearly a half million Americans have been tested positive for the disease (with probably many more infected). Over 20,000 (mostly elderly) Americans have died. Worse than those stats, every last American has suffered as states imposed dictatorial-like restrictions on daily life.

The entire country (and world) is suffering in ways we couldn’t imagine. All because of one country. Yet what are many Democrats upset about? Calling the virus it’s proper name. That’s right. Liberals online are accusing anyone of being racist for calling the virus the “Wuhan flu,” the “China virus,” or any other variation. Because that’s what we should be focused on, as children’s educations are ruined and small businesses get flushed down the toilet!

But one late night host bucked his liberal friends to stand up (ironically) with the president. Bill Maher condemned the media’s refusal to call the virus by its proper name. And he made a powerful case as to why.

Comedian Bill Maher took aim Friday at the people crying “racism” over the use of terms like “Wuhan coronavirus” or “Chinese coronavirus.”

“Can’t we even have a pandemic without getting offended?” Maher complained…

Maher argued that scientists had been naming viruses — such as Ebola, Zika, West Nile and MERS — after their places of origin for decades, so there was no reason that China should get preferential treatment…

Maher went on to say that what was truly scary to him was that there were people out there who “would rather die from the virus than call it by the wrong name.” [Source: Daily Caller]

Why is it so important to call this virus the “Wuhan virus” or “Chinese virus,” so much so that even Maher would recommend it? Because, simply put, China needs to be held accountable for what they inflicted onto the world.

What you’re suffering right now is ultimately the fault of a corrupt communist government who refused to regulate unsanitary wet markets. Way back in 2003, they knew those wet markets were a problem. The original SARS virus came from those same markets. Yet not only did China ignore the problem, but allowed these cess pools of diseas to expand.

For a country that claims to be superior to every other, thanks to their strict communist regime, they certainly dropped the ball this time. They looked the other way as these markets ignored any possible health standard. This virus emerged as a direct result of China’s failure. And even as it spread, costing lives, they lied, covered it up, and did nothing to help the world.

So, yeah, it’s the China virus. The world must band together and hold that nation accountable. The only reason our media (and liberal officials) are calling the term racist is because most of them are in China’s pocket. Their companies are owned by Chinese investors. They’d rather run interference for this corrupt nation, than call them out for their sins.

It seems the only liberal unwilling to bow to Red China in Maher. A noted critic of Donald Trump is actually defending him, by calling the virus by its proper name. You never thought that was possible, did you?

But these are strange times, indeed.

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