Liberal Mayor Humiliated By Rioters He Supported

Thanks to the corrupt, liberal leadership of the city, Portland has suffered from two months of unending riots. The mayor recently sided with the rioters, only to get booed, jeered, and tear gassed. The Democrat even rejected to work with Trump’s federal authorities to restore law and order to the city. As things only get worse, it appears Wheeler is changing his mind.

Since the start of the Summer riots, Democrats have tried to downplay the violence. Even though footage of looting, fires, and assaults have been all over the Internet, liberals still think people believe their excuse that these are all “peaceful” protests. Yeah, if peaceful means the destruction of major cities.

Many suspected Democrats fanned the flames of violence to force Trump to send in troops. Then, they would accuse Trump of being some kind of dictator. Instead, Trump did the right thing: he waited, expecting Democrat mayors and governors to maintain law and order of their own regions. They did not. So, the president had no choice but to send in federal law enforcement, at the very least to protect federal property.

In cities where local leadership cooperated with Trump, the rioting quickly ended. But in Portland, the idiot mayor defied the president. This is after the city refused for years to root out Antifa, allowing the radical terrorist movement to grow. Now, after months of violence, it looks like Wheeler’s changing his tune.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler backed away Monday from a pledge he made on July 16 not to meet with representatives of the Department of Homeland Security, which deployed officers to the city to protect the Mark O. Hatfield Courthouse…

But on Monday evening, Wheeler tweeted that he and Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty were “calling for an immediate meeting with Department of Homeland Security leadership on the ground in Portland and with Acting Secretary @DHS_Wolf to discuss a cease-fire and the removal of heightened federal forces from Portland.” [Source: Breitbart]

This braindead Democrat is still talking like the presence of federal forces is a bad thing in his city. He is still trying to posture, implying that federal law enforcement are the bad guys.

But the cat’s out of the bag, Wheeler. Your “peaceful” protesters are destroying Portland. Few residents are happy with your leadership. You can talk a big game about supporting these goons, but you won’t have a leg to stand on, when real citizens vote your sorry butt out of office.

Across America, blue voters are getting sick and tired of their “leaders” sitting back and letting rioters destroy their homes. News is beginning to percolate that liberal voters are taking a second look at Donald Trump, the only leader promising to restore law and order.

Democrats pretended these “peaceful” demonstrations were about police brutality and outrage over Trump. Americans knew better. They were coordinated by the left to scare minority voters into backing them. But the riots quickly got out of control. Democrats were too stupid to step in and do the right thing. In fact, they made it much worse, by announcing they’d defund police.

What American in their right mind would back such a terrible idea? What American would support a party that literally is trying to make their homes worse?

But this is the Democratic Party of 2020. They are so corrupt and visionless, that they call criminals good and cops bad.

Wheeler is agreeing to meet with federal forces, to try to get them out of Portland. But Trump’s made it clear: unless the rioting ends, they stay. Wheeler is going to have to do the one thing he hates to end the nightmare: his job.

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