Liberals Demand Ridiculous ‘Alteration’ To Trump’s Border Wall

One of the frequent attempts by the left to undermine or stop the construction of the border wall is to bang on the environmental drum. Immigration activists lean on “green” groups to try to find ways of delaying the wall. Now, environmentalists are claiming the wall needs gaps for animals. The GOP is urging Trump to fight back.

Okay, give me a break. We are trying to protect the United States from drug cartels, human smugglers, and sex traffickers. But Democrats are more worried about animals crossing the border? I call bull on that.

From the start of Trump’s endeavor to build the Southern border wall, environmentalists have tried to claim it would harm migration patterns of certain wildlife. Really? I thought animals could adapt. You want me to believe we can’t build a life-saving wall, because a few animals need to hop over to the other side?

You have to be a fool to believe this story. While they lost the chance to delay the wall, these granola-crunching hippies invented another plan: to put holes in the wall so big, it would be easy for an animal (or humans) to fit through.

A group of GOP House members are urging President Trump not to give in to calls from environmental activists to make gaps in sections of newly built wall at the southern border in order to allow wildlife to pass through…

The letter argues that there have been already been a number of permanent openings in the walls, including floodgates to prevent flooding that remain open for months, and those are used not just by jaguars.

“Predictably, U.S. Border Patrol agents are not the only individuals aware of these openings – drug cartels, human traffickers, and any other individual looking for a way through the barrier use them as an access point,” the letter says. [Source: Fox News]

Wow, Democrats really, really want illegals coming into our country, huh? Does anyone believe their story about jaguars? Why should we put the well-being of animals ahead of humans? We know that American lives are endangered by illegal immigration. We know that the drug industry that flows over the border costs hundreds of thousands of American lives a year.

Not to mention the human trafficking and murder.

But we’re supposed to be weeping over jaguars? These animals don’t need to enter the United States to hunt and live. The land is pretty much the same on both sides. To say we need to lower the effectiveness of the new wall to help these animals is ludicrous. It is a naked attempt by the left to make the wall less useful.

They know a hole in the wall big enough to let an animal though would be big enough to let through humans and packages. It would immediately be exploited by smugglers and criminals. Did these environmentalists even consider that? Of course they did. That’s why their demanding it.

Don’t believe a word of what they’re saying. The border fencing system already has permanent openings built in. That includes floodgates that remain open for months. It’s not a problem for animals to get over the fencing, if they need to.

Those openings prevent a security threat to the border, which Border Patrol has to monitor. Any crack, any gap in the wall will be used by criminals and illegals.

Why should we make it any easier for them?

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