Liberals Fuming Over Trump’s Latest ‘Climate Change’ Move

By Carlos Garcia September 19th, 2019 | Image Source: The Blaze

“I don’t know what the hell has happened…”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom lashed out at President Donald Trump and the Republican party after the administration announced that they would revoke waivers for the state over their automobile emissions standards.

“This was a move, demonstrable move to assert power and dominance aggressively against the state, a few days before U.N. climate week, to punctuate a point,” he said.

Newsom reminded the media that President George W. Bush also pressed similar measures, and noted the various Republican politicians who supported regulations for cleaner air in the state.

“I don’t know what the hell has happened to the Republican party,” he exclaimed.

“And by the way, where is the Republican party right now?” he asked. “Where are they pushing back? Why aren’t they pushing back? They believe in federalism, they believe in states’ rights, at least they assert that, and they’re no where to be found at this.”

California has been granted waivers in order to set their own emission standards to enact more stringent regulations, but the president revoked the waiver in a tweet on Tuesday.

“The Trump Administration is revoking California’s Federal Waiver on emissions in order to produce far less expensive cars for the consumer, while at the same time making the cars substantially SAFER,” Trump tweeted.

“Today’s actions represent another act in Donald Trump’s political theater,” the governor tweeted. “A failed attempt to assert power. A continuation of a political vendetta against CA and our progress.”

Newsom added that they would fight the decision in court, and promised that California would prevail.

“Bad news for him,” Newsom concluded, “we will prevail. See you in court.”

Here’s the video of Newsom lashing out:

Author: Carlos Garcia

Source: The Blaze: Gov. Gavin Newsom lashes out at Trump for asserting ‘power and dominance’ over California

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