Liberals Mocked Trump For Going “Wrong Way” At Daytona, But This Reporter Silenced Them With One Brilliant Tweet

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There’s nothing the liberals hate more than when President Trump is winning or having some fun.

There’s nothing the liberals hate more than when President Trump is winning or having some fun.

Just think — it was only about 2 weeks ago when the communist Dems were trying to impeach President Trump — and today he took a few historic laps around the #Daytona500 track.

Are you tired of winning?

So, of course, when the country is having fun and enjoying an epic and historic moment the Bitter Betty Liberals have to come in and try and ruin everything.

Unhappy liberals, who were eager to rain on the parade, pointed out that President Trump’s limo, nicknamed “The Beast,” was going the wrong way on the track.

Now, we’re not sure why the limo driver opted to take that route – could be for security reasons or other logistics, or maybe just a wrong turn. Who cares?

Well, apparently liberals care…

They couldn’t wait to pounce and point out that Trump “went the wrong way,” because that’s all these people have – bitterness and hate.

Here are a few comments:

“Anyone else notice that in driving around the Daytona 500 Donald Trump went the wrong way?”

“Hahahaha. Trump is going the wrong way around the track. What an incredible metaphor for his presidency.”

— Corra The Explorer (@cobrabydesign) February 16, 2020

“I am no racecar expert, but isn’t he going the wrong way?”

However, try as they might, liberals can never get the best of Trump supporters, because not soon after they started mocking, OANN’s top-notch reporter Jack Posobiec swooped in with one perfect tweet that shut them all down.

“Trump drove the opposite way around Daytona because he refused fo turn left”

Yes! Jack for the win! What a perfectly-timed response from our favorite OANN reporter!

If you’re not familiar with Jack, he’s a Christian family man who has supported President Trump since the early days of his 2016 campaign.

Jack does great work on OANN – which by the way, is the only true conservative news network. I recently got the OANN app for my TV and I haven’t looked back at Fox News since. I’d encourage everyone to do the same. And also, check out Jack’s Twitter page here. Give him a follow – he’s always posting great and accurate content.

Author: Wayne Dupree

Source: Life Zette: Liberals mock Trump for going “wrong way” on race track, but OANN’s Jack Posobiec silences them with one brilliant tweet

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