Mayor Attends Vigil for George Floyd — It Does Not Go Well

Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, sat back for days and let rioters ransack the city. This came after he fumbled the region’s COVID-19 response—leading to unprecedented deaths. Now, it seems a growing tide of resentment is building among residents. When he showed up for a vigil for George Floyd, this is what happened.

When protests first broke out over the death of George Floyd, it appeared New York’s mayor did nothing. Police were handicapped as Antifa thugs and others rioted and looted downtown Manhattan and other parts of the city. President Trump offered support by way of the National Guard, but the mayor rejected it.

It took over a week before the police were allowed to step in and end the chaos. Even then, rioters arrested were quickly back on the streets, thanks to New York’s insane no bail policy.

De Blasio has a long history of hostility toward New York’s Finest. The police have frequently criticized the Democrat’s terrible policies and utter lack of support for cops. Now, as the city burns, more residents are seeing just how incompetent their leader is.

A petition to force him resign has surpassed 100,000 signatures. When de Blasio showed up to a George Floyd vigil, he was not met with a warm reception.

The crowd booed New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) during his appearance at Thursday’s vigil for George Floyd, with some hurling expletives, demanding the Democrat politician to “get the f*ck out of here!”

While Rev. Kevin McCall urged the crowd to treat de Blasio with respect, the mayor did not receive an overwhelmingly warm welcome, as the audience inundated his appearance with boos and shouts of “get the fuck out of here,” “fuck the mayor’s curfew,” and “shut the fuck up.” Some reportedly turned their backs to the mayor. [Source: Breitbart]

On Monday night alone, the police arrested over 700 protestors. More than 60 NYPD officers were hospitalized with serious injuries. This is something we have not seen in the city… at least not in a very long time.

But it could have been avoided, if the mayor acted properly. Even the governor called him out saying, “What happened in NYC was inexcusable.”

I guarantee you he wouldn’t be saying that if Giuliani or Bloomberg were still mayors. De Blasio has shown himself to be a political hack who hates the NYPD. He cares more about optics than he does doing the right thing.

Do you see anyone else in America booing and cursing out their mayors? Keep in mind, every liberal mayor of a major city dropped the ball. From Los Angeles to Minneapolis, they sat back and let rioters destroy their cities (except for the Democrat mayor of Atlanta, who told them to go home). Yet they all appeared to welcome the National Guard or other support to end the violence.

In the largest city in the country, the mayor refuses support and lets the place burn. How does a man like that think he will keep his job? How does he think he’ll keep the city in one piece?

Demonstrations continued last night, with the police being forced to apprehend anyone that violates the curfew. Gee, I wonder if all this could have been avoided, had the city used an organized force that can assist cops in maintaining the peace?

Something like a guard for the entire nation?

De Blasio continues to deny Trump’s offer of National Guard, as each night brings more uncertainty and danger. It might reach a point where the governor himself is forced to remove de Blasio and replace him with a leader who will restore order.

That will be the smartest thing Cuomo ever does.

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