Media Silent Over Trump’s EO Benefiting Hispanic Americans

Democrats frequently accuse President Trump of being opposed to the success and well-being of minority Americans. They claim our “racist” president does nothing to help Hispanic or other non-white groups. So, it won’t be a surprise to discover they are ignoring his latest executive order, that opens up new educational avenues to America’s fastest-growing ethnic group.

Democrats must have brains the size of peanuts. When Trump first announced he wanted to build the border wall and end illegal immigration, they called him racist. Apparently, to Democrats, the only way to help Hispanic people is to let some of them sneak into the country illegally. They have no ability to see the difference between legal immigrant and illegal immigrants.

And they apparently can’t see the difference between actual Hispanic American citizens and those who jeopardize our national security.

Since 2016, the left has beaten the “racist” drum so much, it no longer has any meaning. Meanwhile, President Trump has continued to push reforms and policy that directly benefit minority groups, including Hispanics.

And his latest executive order will really outrage leftists. Because not only is he encouraging school choice, but he’s opening up new options for Hispanic Americans.

President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order establishing the White House Hispanic Prosperity Initiative – a move the administration says will improve access Latinos have to educational and economic opportunities.

In a speech in the White House Rose Garden before signing the order, Trump touted the initiative as expanding school choice for Hispanics and one that would improve access to charter schools for students.

The initiative is also meant to create more career pathways for Hispanic students as well as boast investment in economically distressed communities, including Opportunity Zones, and offer more economic opportunities for small and minority-owned businesses. [Source: Fox News]

Democrats really hate school choice. The movement takes federal dollars from corrupt and failing public schools and puts it in the hands of parents. They can use that funding to send their child to the school of their choice, including home schooling, charter schools, and private schools.

Families of all economic and racial background love school choice. Democrats hate it, because they bow to the over-powerful and crooked teachers’ unions.

Trump’s new executive order has an eye on providing more school choice to Hispanic families that might struggle to provide their children a better education. Of course, Democrats oppose minorities having the power to decide their own destinies. They’d rather see black or Hispanic Americans suffer under the burden of government “support” all their lives.

Democrats should just come out and admit they’re the real racists. They frequently look down on non-white Americans. Their attitude seems to suggest they don’t think minorities have what it takes to succeed on their own. Democrat policies rob Hispanic Americans of choice and opportunity. Their only hope, under Democrats, is to suck on the government’s teat forever.

President Trump thinks differently. His policies put all Americans in the driver’s seat. With school choice, parents have the option of sending their children to good schools, not government-run indoctrination centers manned by corrupt, uncaring union teachers.

That’s what the left hates the most: students learning how to think for themselves. And the fact that Hispanic or black students will be able to learn outside the closed-minded culture of public schools? Oh, that really burns Democrats’ hide.

But there’s nothing they can do about it. More and more Americans are breaking free of their shackles. And the left is in for a rude awakening, come November.

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