Michelle Obama’s DNS Speech Eclipsed By Powerful Black Republican Ad

At the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, Michelle Obama “gave” a speech slamming Trump and praising Joe Biden. Around the same time a young black woman named Kimberly Klacik posted her campaign ad for a Baltimore district. The Republican slammed Democrats for turning the city into a wasteland. Guess which video’s done better online?

Many people pointed out that Michelle Obama’s speech failed to mention Kamala Harris as the first black female vice president nomination. That’s because Michelle, being ever so busy, recorded it before Biden’s campaign made the announcement. Couldn’t go back and reshoot the speech Michelle? I understand, it’s only to help the Democrats win the White House. Not important enough to change your busy schedule.

The liberal media has been making a big deal about the DNC, as you can imagine. But they have hardly mentioned this young black woman running for Congress out of Baltimore. That’s because, although she’s black and a woman, she’s a Trump-supporting Republican. She posted an ad exposing what 50 years of Democratic leadership has done to Baltimore.

You can view it here.

The ad quickly went viral across numerous social media platforms. In fact, it did so well, its torched Michelle Obama’s angry scolding of a speech.

The ad was so hot, in fact, it seemed to have eclipsed former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech given on the same day, at least digitally…

“On Facebook, Michelle Obama, despite being promoted by the traditional media giants, couldn’t scratch the virality of Klacik and the new media outlets who pushed her,” he argued, captioning screenshots of the speech and ad online.

The mere two results populated for Klacik show over 12.5 million views, whereas Obama’s numerous results totaled just shy of three million views, including views from conservative pundit Graham Allen criticizing her speech.

“Even on Twitter, Klacik has 25% more views than Michelle Obama,” Ballingall noted. [Source: Daily Wire]

Klacik’s ad got millions of more views at the same time Michelle Obama’s speech was airing. There seems to have been much more interest in Klacik had to say about Baltimore and the Democrats that wrecked it, than what Obama was whining about.

Now, I’m sure Democrats will try to come back and claim Michelle got more views on traditional TV or their own platforms, but the writing’s on the wall. Michelle Obama spent her time lecturing Americans about why Trump and we are so bad. She tried to convince people that obvious signs of Biden’s mental decline were just stutters.

Klacik, on the other hand, produced a powerful, compelling video that ripped the mask off of Democrats’ hypocrisy. She showed in full color how Democrats have let Baltimore rot, showing numerous sections of the city decaying or in ruins.

She then spoke with several black residents, who all rejected the notion of defunding the police. One man said he lost three sons to violence—how many more families would be destroyed if the Democrats had their way.

You know Democrats are panicking over Klacik. She is a young, passionate, intelligent black woman. She should be a Democrat. Instead, she is an unapologetic Republican, opening hammering Democrats for their years of hypocrisy and failure.

Don’t be surprised if people on the left try to go after Klacik after this. She is getting plenty of attention, thanks to her aid. So, it won’t be a shock if social media tries to censor her, or leftist bloggers try to slander her reputation.

Because, that’s all the left has left. They can’t win on ideas or interesting candidates. All they can do is abuse whatever power they have left to silence or belittle the rest of us. But is that really a winning strategy?

All they do is ignore the growing unrest among Americans over Democrats’ pathetic leadership and record of failure. Millions will still choose to reject them on Election day.

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