MSNBC Comes Clean With Startling Truth About Polls

In recent weeks, the mainstream media has hyped up their own polls that claim Joe Biden is leading Trump. Ignoring what is going on in the country, the media claims the left-wing candidate (who is losing his mind) will easily beat the incumbent, Donald Trump. But even MSNBC had to recently admit one uncomfortable fact that makes most polls totally irrelevant.

Anyone who is old enough to remind just four years ago knows not to believe the media’s polls. Everyone, and I mean everyone, gave Hillary Clinton the win. Some outlets (like the New York Times) said she had a 98% chance of winning on Election Day. Gee, that didn’t look like obvious, aggressive voter suppression, huh?

The media was stunned when Trump won—but millions of Americans weren’t. Once again, the media is giving a weak, pathetic, out-of-his-mind candidate overwhelming odds of winning. Again, Americans aren’t buying it.

There are many reasons why a poll can be totally wrong. One big one proves that any poll regarding Trump’s election chances will be far from accurate. And MSNBC had to recently admit it.

Historian Jon Meacham on Friday evening warned Democrats that even though former Vice President Joe Biden is leading President Donald Trump by double digits in nearly every poll 100 days before Election Day, a lot of people who will vote “for the incumbent are not going to tell pollsters.” [Source: Breitbart]

The MSBNC contributor revealed what has been echoed in other reports, that Trump supporters are often unwilling to admit their allegiance to him to strangers over the telephone. Over the last five years, the media has shown, again and again, how badly Trump supporters are treated. Trump fans have been slandered, attacked, sued, and “canceled.” We’ve seen people wearing red MAGA hats get beaten again and again.

So, why would most Trump supporters tell a total stranger who they support for a poll?

But that doesn’t mean this “silent majority” will not make their voices heard. We vote in a secret ballot system for a reason. Nobody has to know who you’re voting for. You get to go to the booth without the press breathing down your neck. In that safety, millions of Americans will once again upset the corrupt, left-wing establishment.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at a recent approval poll from Rasmussen. If Trump is doomed, why is there such high approval for him in this one poll?

Now, how can this poll show such a radically different result than the ones from MSM outlets? You know why.

This poll reveals 49% black voter approval from the president, a number unheard of for a Republican president. This poll gives Trump an over 57% approval from non-white voters.

That flies in the face of everything the left has been saying for years, especially recently. Joe Biden called Trump the “first racist” president. Really? Then why do so many black and non-white voters love him?

And if Joe Biden is leading by “double digits,” how can Trump have an approval this high?

Maybe it’s because Democrats are panicking and exaggerating their poll results as much as possible. There is no way any candidate can have a double-digit lead in a race, by not hosting a single event, making countless gaffes on video appearances, and have clear signs of mental decline. It’s just not possible.

Even MSNBC has to admit that the polls are totally flawed. We know more than that; that they’re faked.

The real poll results will come out on November 3, when the silent majority roars back once again. Yes, Democrats will be “stunned” to see the amazing turnout for Trump.

But that’s only because they believed their own lies.

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