New Poll Reveals Startling Truth About Battleground State Voters

Democrats in the media claim that Joe Biden is leading Trump in key states. Ignoring the man’s obvious failings, they claim the left-wing candidate has the election in the bag. But plenty of evidence suggests Trump continues to dominate the election. And a new poll gives the liberal media some very bad news.

Let’s be honest, should we believe polls months before the election? We saw what happened in 2016. In fact, we learned back then that Democrat pollsters had methods of oversampling certain groups to get the results they want. In the last election, the left was blindsided by Trump’s electoral landslide. And it appears they haven’t learned a thing since.

The media has made much of recent polls (by their own groups) that claim Biden is leading Donald Trump. This, despite Biden’s lack of campaign events, his total lack of leadership during the crises, and his overall shocking mental decline. Meanwhile, Trump has been front and center during the COVID panic and police protests. He is now using federal authorities to end weeks of violence in major cities.

But no, Americans want Braindead Joe to lead them.

Now a new poll sheds some light on what’s really going on around the country.

Poll results released Wednesday by American Principles Project (APP) and SPRY Strategies found that President Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in seven of ten battleground states…

“It is clear from our polling that the reports of President Trump’s impending electoral doom are greatly exaggerated,” said Terry Schilling, executive director at APP, a nonprofit dedicated to the Constitution. He added:

While the Trump campaign still has much work to do in defining Joe Biden as a feckless enabler of the worst elements of the radical left, the fundamentals of this race are encouraging. While Trump currently trails in some battlegrounds, he also leads in several states where many political pundits have already written him off. [Source: Breitbart]

You have to be really naive to believe polls that say Biden is in the lead. Democrats have been dropping the ball in an epic fashion in recent years. It’s all come to a head this year, when Democrats shut down their states and punished Americans for wanting to work.

They allowed violent protesters to destroy their cities, contradicting their own COVID rules.

Then, as these protests led to riots, with surging crime and death, these same Democrats announced cuts to the police.

And on top of that, when the president sent in federal law enforcement to end 6 weeks of rioting in Portland, Democrats opposed him—defending radical anarchists and thugs.

All the while, Joe Biden nods and sides with the criminals.

Does anyone really think sane Americans will vote for a party that rewards criminals and goes out of its way to punish hard-working, law-abiding citizens?

In fact, November might be truly shocking, as evidenced by a growing trend:

Even Democratic voters are outraged and disgusted by the left’s attacks on law and order. Blue-collar Democrats and middle-class liberals don’t want their cities to crumble under the weight of rioting and violence.

But it’s the Democrats who are making sure that happens, by applauding Antifa and slashing cops’ budgets.

The only person working to defend Americans? Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the media calls law enforcement “stormtroopers” for arresting scum bags that burn down churches and courthouses.

Joe Biden is on the side of this insanity. As his mind slips, he’s becoming more and more radical. He’s agreed to taking funds from cops and giving it to other causes. He’s even called police “the enemy.”

Polls can be manipulated. Not everyone wants to give their information to strangers over the phone. But this so-called “silent majority” is going to be heard loud and clear on November 3.

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