New Poll Reveals What Black Americans Really Think About Defunding Police

The Democrats’ brilliant solution to the death of George Floyd was not to improve police departments. It was to defund police, so they would have fewer resources and officers to keep cities safe. That has already resulted in a surge of crime in major cities across America. Some say the left embraced this to win over black voters. But a new poll doses cold water on that insane strategy.

Imagine being so morally bankrupt, so void of any true vision that you think defunding police departments is a good idea. But that is what many Democrats banked on in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Instead of pushing to prosecute bad cops and improve the training and support of good cops, Democrats decided it was best to have no cops.

Defunding police departments means fewer officers to patrol city streets. Neighborhoods that struggle with frequent crime will have fewer people to rely on. Criminals will be emboldened, knowing that there aren’t as many cops around to stop them. Those cops that are still around have to face a lack of money for training, recruiting, and equipment. Which means cops will face greater and greater danger. Which will lead, again, to fewer cops.

That is what hate groups like BLM and Antifa want (Democrats, who live in better neighborhoods, don’t care). But is that what most Americans want?

Of course not. Now a new poll reveals that the vast majority of black Americans want more cops, not fewer.

A majority of black Americans prefer police spending the same amount of time or more watching over their communities despite claims from a growing movement that police are a threat to minority communities.

Gallup released a poll on Wednesday that found that 81% of black people want police spending the same amount of time or more in their communities. That number compares to 88% for white Americans, 83% for Hispanic Americans, and 72% for Asian Americans. The whole U.S. population measures at 86%.

The survey also noted that black Americans more than any other racial group are more likely to see police in their communities. 73% of black respondents said they see police in their communities sometimes or very often, which is eight points higher than the national average of 65%. [Source: Daily Wire]

The poll asked 36,463 people—much more than the average election poll. And what did they find? 86% of Americans—EIGHTY-SIX—don’t want police departments defunded. And within that group, 81% of black Americans want the same amount, or more, of cops patrolling their communities.

That flies in the face of every Democrat trying to defund cops, particularly in large cities with high black populations. Americans are speaking loud and clear: they are not on the side of BLM or anyone that wants to defund or abolish the police.

So, why the heck are Democrats—even Joe Biden—so on board with defunding police? Are they really so stupid to think most Americans agree with radical anarchists like Black Lives Matter? Clearly, most black Americans don’t agree with this group. Yet Democrat from New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, D.C., Portland, and Seattle have proposed cuts to police departments or have already made them.

Democrats in Washington refuse to condemn the movement. Even Joe Biden has agreed to taking funds from PDs and giving it to other causes. He even called cops “the enemy.”

Not a good look, Democrats. You are attacking a group that’s very existence is to preserve black (and all other) lives. Democrats want to make our streets less safe, giving criminals free rein.

And we’re supposed to vote for them in November?

They really have lost their minds, huh?

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