Obama’s Livestream With Biden Was An Epic Failure

After months of neglect and only one half-hearted endorsement, Barack Obama finally makes an appearance to help Joe Biden’s campaign. Of course, they are too cowardly to appear in public to host a live a rally. So once again, Joe Biden is forced to reveal his pathetic aptitude with technology. Even Obama was embarrassed.

We know why Obama has been so reluctant to get involved this election. It’s not just because he didn’t want Joe Biden running. It’s because he knew anyone the Democrats threw at Donald Trump would lose. Being the egomaniac that he is, Obama didn’t want to put his neck out for a candidate (again) and be humiliated.

Hey, he’s got a rapidly-tarnishing legacy to preserve! Who cares about the future of the country, right?

Finally this week, the Democrats dragged Obama into the spotlight. (Where was he during the riots and protests, by the way?) He appeared on a live stream with Joe Biden in the hopes of raising support for the 77-year-old liberal. It did not go well.

President Barack Obama’s face said it all as he appeared alongside Joe Biden for a virtual fundraiser on Tuesday.

I think we have a question coming up,” Biden said, unsure of what was happening next.

“Is that true?” he wondered aloud as the question began.

“Am I correct about that?” he continued as it played and appeared to be prerecorded.

“Hi,” he said as the woman said her name.

“You’re an ICU nurse, aren’t you?” Biden said as Obama shook his head affirmatively.

“Is that what I was told?” Biden continued, but the woman was gone because her prerecorded question was over.

Obama shifted, with a mix of amusement and confusion on his face…

Another time, Biden seemed to get lost in what he was discussing:

“Stop— stop the— cold— war future that we’re talking about, we’re talking about a peaceful cold war, what are we talking about?” he said as Obama looked on pensively. [Source: Breitbart]

You just know what Obama’s thinking: “I’m giving up my legacy to him!? I’m better than this.”

Joe Biden was his usual confused, bumbling self. He didn’t realize that he was talking to a pre-recorded question—something that would be obvious to anyone else. He rambled on about stopping “the cold war.” Uh, what? When it was clear that Joe was stumbling again and again, Obama interrupts him with an insincere, “That’s why we need you, as president, Joe Biden.” And he ended the stream as soon as humanly possible.

The Democrats think they can use whatever star power Obama has left to get this confused, mentally declining, old fart with a history of racism into the White House. It’s a joke to everyone. Even Obama looked uncomfortable, awkward, and unimpressed as he talked with Joe.

How sad. The media and left once heralded Obama as the future of our country. The great leader that would restore American dignity. Yet now, just a few years after he left office, he’s kowtowing to a man who can’t even finish a sentence. Obama is forced to endorse a complete fool for president. Yet he can’t say anything about it—because he has to protect his “legacy.”

What you should really be troubled by is that Democrats are willing to put Joe Biden into the White House, as long as it means Trump is gone. Their hatred for President Trump is so great, they’d put a man who can’t even speak (with a possible history of sexual assault) into the highest position of the land. All so they can say they beat Donald Trump.

They’re so confident with their candidate, they are burning down cities and tearing down statues.

Even Obama can see the writing on the wall.

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