On Social Security… Dems Make Promises But Trump Delivers

By Adam Casalino October 18th, 2019 | Image Source: Fox News

Here’s what’s happening:

President Trump just made a change that could affect millions of Americans.

The Democrats are fighting hard to win over voters. They are promising everything while accusing Trump of letting down America’s most vulnerable: retired citizens.

But Donald Trump has vowed to protect Social Security benefits. And over his time in office, he’s made good on that promise.

Despite the Left’s ongoing efforts to impeach the president, he continues to look after America’s retired.

A new report has come out that will mean good news to SS recipients.

Here’s what Trump is doing:

From the Motley Fool:

Earlier this morning, the BLS reported September’s inflation data, allowing for the concrete announcement that Social Security’s COLA in 2020 will be rising by 1.6%…

What does this mean for the pocketbooks of Social Security beneficiaries? Based on the fact that the average retired worker and disabled worker were bringing home $1,473 and $1,236, respectively, a month as of August, a COLA of 1.6% should lead to a raise of about $24 a month for retirees and a little under $20 a month for the long-term disabled.

The new cost-of-living adjustments have come out, revealing that benefits will receive a meaty bump up in 2020, more than usual.

Here’s Adam’s Quick Take:

Democrats must be stewing in their juices over this. They keep claiming Trump doesn’t care about Americans in need.

They wrongfully accuse him of only looking after the rich or big corporations.

But time and again, it’s liberal policies that leave working and retired Americans in the dust.

Donald Trump seems to be single-handedly fighting against the swamp to make sure America’s retired citizens aren’t forgotten.

This increase might seem minor, but over time it will result in more flexibility and freedom for SS recipients.

It means less fear about their futures. It means they will be more independent in their later years.

And it means President Trump continues to look after them, even when the rest of D.C. has ignored them.

After all, retired Americans worked for decades, hoping the country had their back.

But what do you think? Will the Social Security raise be enough for Medicare increases?

Do you think Trump has your back on Social Security?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Social Security Changes Coming In 2020 – Trump Adjustment Could Affect Millions

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