Pelosi Gets Rude Awakening After Disgusting Statement Goes Viral

In light of the news that Trump contracted COVID, Nancy Pelosi did not stop criticizing him and his leadership. The partisan Speaker continues to slander the president, accusing him of not listening to the “science.” But she was quickly put into her place by Republican Rep. Scalise, who exposed a very unscientific decision by Pelosi.

If you want to understand why Pelosi makes less and less sense each day, you need to read 1984. Because the Speaker is basically using the same tired, corrupt tactics as the villains of that book. Much like the evil regime calling war, peace and freedom, slavery, Pelosi thinks by saying the opposite of what is true, you’ll believe her.

(The only reason she thinks this will work is because she has little respect for your intelligence—and thinks the media will back her up.)

That is why, even now, she claims Trump did not listen to the “science” of COVID—even though he was the first to take the disease seriously in January. Pelosi, meanwhile, urged people to travel to San Francisco in late February, after it was clear the virus was a crisis.

Today, instead of showing a shred of humanity for the president, she attacks him.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that she hopes the fact President Trump has fallen sick to the coronavirus will cause the White House and congressional Republicans to change their stance on how to handle the pandemic and “listen to the science” after Democrats have criticized the GOP for months for not taking the virus seriously enough. [Source: Fox News]

At this point, nothing the Speaker says is remotely accurate. It’s not even based in reality. Trump was battling COVID when she and the rest of the left was calling him “xenophobic.” He made the call for social distancing and lockdowns in March. It was the president who ordered the FDA and CDC to cut through red tape to speed up treatment and testing. And it was the president who got the government and private industry to produce live-saving PPE, ventilators, and other support.

It was Pelosi who delayed funding for the Paycheck Protect Program. And it is Pelosi who continues to refuse to negotiate with Republicans to provide additional relief checks to millions who lost their jobs.

So, who is ignoring the science?

On top of that, Rep. Scalise exposes something Pelosi did that was very unscientific.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has reportedly refused to implement COVID-19 testing for lawmakers in the nation’s capital, according to a top lawmaker…

“Congressman Davis is exactly correct,” Scalise said. “I mean these protocols have been out there and the testing capabilities have been out there for a long time. They were offered to the speaker and she turned it down.”

“I think it’s something that should have been in Congress for a few weeks now,” Scalise continued. “But ultimately that’s what the speaker decided to do.” [Source: Daily Wire]

If Pelosi believes the science, why did she deny TESTING for Congress? This is a big threat, right Nance? Such a big threat, she wanted Americans to vote at home to avoid getting sick. But she didn’t even bother supporting testing for lawmakers?

Maybe the current spread of COVID in D.C. is entirely her fault? One person could have spread it to the White House and others. But if there had been testing for Congress, this could have all been avoiding?

How many people will get sick and die, because Nancy ignored the science?

For that matter, she was the one who broke San Francisco quarantine rules—not wearing a mask—to get her hair done. We haven’t forgotten that, Nance. You attack the president, but you’re much more guilty of ignoring the science.

Perhaps we’ll all be better off when this woman’s booted out of office?

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