Pelosi’s Latest Response About Police Defunding Confuses Democrats

Across the nation, radical leftists are pushing a new movement to defund and dismantle police departments. Even though major cities have been destroyed by riots, these Democrats want to remove the one group dedicated to keeping civilians safe. But when D.C. Democrats were asked about this new movement, they refused to embrace it… or outright denounce it.

You couldn’t have asked for a better self-destruction of the Democratic Party if you planned it. Just months before the November Election, we’ve seen Democrats punish Americans for wanting to reopen their businesses. Then, they sat back and let looters and rioters destroy their cities. Then they began to push a movement that would ensure every city in America would become a smoking pile of rubble, by defunding cops.

Defunding the police would result in fewer cops on the streets. Those still on the force will have less resources to protect our cities. Men and women who face life-and-death danger daily will be left in the wind. The only result would be more crime, death, and destruction in our country.

Yet for some insane reason, Democrats can’t see this and are applauding the idea.

Washington Democrats were asked about the movement. While they did not embrace it themselves, they were too cowardly to openly condemn it—something they should have done.

Many top Democrats seemingly are reluctant to speak out on the sudden momentum behind the movement to “defund the police,” as Minneapolis lawmakers announce they have the votes to do just that in their city…

During the news conference, though, the “defund the police” calls were not explicitly discussed as lawmakers guided the discussion more toward reform efforts.

Later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., were asked by a CNN reporter if they supported the movement to defund the police entirely.

“That’s a local decision,” Pelosi said, noting that they would have “those debates at the local level.” [Source: Fox News]

I guess Democrats are too busy insulting Africans by wearing Kente cloth, to discussing something as critical as disbanding police departments.

Idiot-in-Chief Nancy Pelosi tried to worm out of answering the question by saying, “That’s a local decision.” Wow, what a great and inspiring leader. Pelosi passes the buck, suggesting that she isn’t obligated to weigh in on something as disastrous as defunding the police—because it’s a “local” decision.

Um… what? You’re the Speaker of the House, Nance. A pretty important position, when last I checked. Why can’t the Speaker stand up and speak out over this issue?

Do you support defunding the police? Then say so. Are you against it? Then you better say that.

Leaders from D.C. carry considerable weight back home. If Schumer and Pelosi bothered to stand against defunding cops, local Democrats would have felt pressure to back down off this insane plan.

But, much like the pathetic “Abolish ICE” movement of a few years ago, D.C. Democrats are too cowardly to defy the radical, violent left-wing of their party.

When was the last time you saw Trump cave to radical, right-wingers? Never. He’s quick to condemn anything that’s even remotely extreme or radical. Yet Democratic “leadership” in D.C. can’t do the obvious and reject calls to eliminate police departments.

Their response is a limp-wristed bill that will “increase police accountability” which has zero chance of becoming law.

In fact, it appears House Democrats warned their members not to debate the defund the police movement, over fears of how it would impact the election.

Pathetic. Real leaders take a stand. They support what’s right, even when it’s not popular. Yet Democrats, scared of their rabid left-wing (which they themselves let get out of control) refuse to do something as simple as stand up for law and order.

If they think that will protect them come November, they are in for a rude awakening.

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