Pigs Flying: CNN Host Stuns Panel with Terrific Defense Of Trump’s Border Wall

By Nick Arama January 14th, 2019 | Image Source: Chicksonright

Well, this is a definite stunner. This almost slipped by this past week without notice.

Raise your hand if you ever expected anyone on CNN to ever support President Donald Trump on anything, much less make a public statement of it live on the network.

Not a lot of hands going up there.

But CNN’s Chris Cuomo did it, so one has to give him recognition when he finally calls something right when we’ve frequently called him out when he’s been wrong.

From Daily Caller:

Cuomo, who attended a lunch with the president and other TV anchors Tuesday afternoon, hosted a CNN panel to react to Trump’s national Oval Office address on immigration. Some of the panelists were less than enthralled by the president’s demand for a wall and his insistence that the border situation is a “crisis,” but Cuomo sprang to Trump’s defense.

“Let’s just get something straight for the audience right now because this is one of those things that’s literally been bothering me — almost ruined my vacation,” Cuomo asserted. “There is a barrier system all along the southern border. They need more.”

“Anybody who does the reporting, anybody who talks to the people down there doing the work — the men and women — they need more of what the president is increasingly describing as his own idea for a bollard fence,” Cuomo said.


An actual commission of journalism by Cuomo.

He’s making the point that a lot of liberal media is leaving out – that it’s the professionals in the know who are having to deal with the problems and the issues who are calling for this, Trump isn’t just pulling this out of the air.

And his idea for the bollard or steel slat fence is based off of the needs of the Border Patrol as Cuomo correctly noted.

Cuomo continued making another great point, that Democrats had approved similar barriers in the past, so what is the problem with them now?

CNN analyst Gloria Borger tried to knock his position and argue the Democratic narrative that a wall was “not necessary because there are other ways to attack the problem that are better.”

Yet again, Cuomo came back with a great point. “But is that true?” Cuomo said. “Who says that a barrier isn’t helpful?”

Exactly. The Border Patrol has already said the walls work. And no one arguing for the wall is saying don’t have technology too. Another point being missed. Trump is arguing for more technology as well.

But if Democrats actually had another way that was better, where is it? Why haven’t they produced it? Hint: they haven’t produced it because they don’t have it. They just want to be naysayers and stymie Trump.

This is the second time in the past week that Cuomo has actually come out with positive words about a wall, previously defending it to his colleague, Don Lemon. “Wanting barriers along the border is not propaganda. It’s not immoral. It’s not wrong,” he said.

Author: Nick Arama

Source: Chicksonright: Pigs Flying: CNN Host Stuns Panel with Terrific Defense Of Trump’s Border Wall

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