Planned Parenthood Makes Official Announcement — Trump Responds

After essentially securing the Democrat nomination, Joe Biden now has to win over moderates within his party. But in recent months, the candidate has become only more radical—to placate the far-left wing of the Democrats. Now, abortion-pushing Planned Parenthood has endorsed the former VP, confirming his intentions to expand this brutal practice. Team Trump fired back with both barrels.

Many political pundits have observed Joe’s odd trend. Normally, a Democrat candidate appears progressive during the primaries—to win over extreme members of his party. But once they get the nomination, they naturally move to the center, so they can gain the support of moderates and independents.

But that’s not happening with Joe Biden. With each passing day, he appears more and more radical. Trump has suggested the man is merely a puppet for an ever-increasing radical Democratic Party. Biden is not even trying to win over moderates. Instead, he doubles down on extreme views that would alienate even the average Democrat.

Planned Parenthood, the government-funded abortion lobbyists, officially endorsed Biden, saying this election is a matter of life or death. Team Trump did not miss a beat.

The Trump campaign on Monday went after presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden after Planned Parenthood endorsed the former vice president’s White House bid.

Trump’s reelection team bashed Biden in statement, accusing him of being “controlled by the radical ideas” and arguing that he would force taxpayers to “foot the bill” for abortions.

“In an effort to conform to the far Left’s agenda, Biden is now calling for zero restrictions on abortion and wants to force taxpayers to foot the bill,” the Trump campaign wrote. “Biden has also made promises to ‘codify Roe v. Wade,’ taking the issue out of the hands of our duly appointed Supreme Court justices.” [Source: Fox News]

After receiving PP’s endorsement, Biden leaned into expanding abortions worldwide. He promised to end “the global gag rules and domestic gage rule,” pushing for U.S.-funded abortions in other nations. He promised to increase funding for the murder of unborn children, “especially women of color.”

It’s mindboggling how people can’t see Planned Parenthood for what it is: a racist organization dedicated to wiping out minorities. It’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was a proponent of eugenics, which embraced that very agenda.

Now, Joe Biden—a man with a long history of discrimination toward black Americans—is promising to increase abortions for “women of color.” How can he make it any plainer? He wants more unborn black Americans to be exterminated in the womb.

Abortion is not a women’s rights issue—it is a campaign by far-left agents to control and depopulate the United States. They’ve convinced millions of women that abortion is their “right,” laughing all the while as future generations of this country are denied the right to life.

It plays into the left’s hand. After all, government programs are cheaper when there’s less people to pay for. And if you want a socialist regime that controls every aspect of your life, that’s easier too when the government controls who can live or die.

Don’t be fooled. Joe Biden is a puppet for the far-left, who believe in stripping us of our power to live our lives. They call abortion a “right,” hiding the fact that it denies women the right to control their own families and futures.

Instead of trying to reach pro-life Democrats (who do exist), Joe Biden is plunging headfirst into the most extreme agenda of the left. He makes no apologies for promising to expand and increase abortions, promising to wipe out millions of black and Hispanic Americans.

Planned Parenthood is all too happy to endorse a man like that. After all, they get hundreds of millions of dollars to kill our children. Under Biden, that will only increase.

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