President Trump goes after Fox News, singles out Chris Wallace

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Wallace isn’t the only one at Fox News trending the network to the Left.

President Donald Trump used to be a fan of Fox News but lately the president has soured on the conservative-leaning cable network.

This week President Trump took to Twitter to blast Fox News‘ weekend coverage as a “waste of time” after the network reported negative news about VA hospitals around the nation amid the coronavirus outbreak. Trump singled out anchor Chris Wallace, calling him a “Mike Wallace wannabe.”

Trump has made unflattering comments about Wallace in the past. During this weekend’s broadcast, Wallace referred to The New York Times report about the president not acting sooner on the coronavirus. The anchor asked, “How much did those lost weeks cost us?” This is the comment that likely set off Trump over the weekend.

Later in the show, Wallace asked White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer about the president’s briefings. The anchor said that originally Trump was getting “high marks” but that in the last week “you saw him getting into fights with governors he did not think were sufficiently appreciative or reporters.”

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Author: Objectivist Staff

Source: Life Zette: President Trump goes after Fox News, singles out Chris Wallace

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