President Trump Makes Bold Promise To Black Americans

In the aftermath of violent riots that wreaked havoc across our cities, President Trump vowed to bring reform to police departments. Yesterday, he met with numerous leaders in Dallas, TX to discuss his plan. He unveiled his four goals to turn around the fortunes of many and end problems among our nation’s police.

Nobody will deny there are problems within our police departments. But those problems aren’t related to “systemic racism,” but simply PDs with low standards and poor cops. Most of the time, it’s the result of liberal mayors who have little respect for law and order. When you hate cops, you neglect their departments. The end result? More bad cops and less safe streets.

Many Democrats claim the only solution is to defund the police. Some have even wanted to shut down police departments. It’s a plan so radical, not even Bernie Sanders supports it. These same Democrats sat back as anarchists rioted and burned major cities across America. It’s hard not to believe they want nothing but chaos and destruction.

President Trump, on the other hand, has acknowledged the tragic death of George Floyd, but still stood up for our police. He promised a plan to not only reform police departments, but ensure greater opportunity for black Americans.

Trump made the announcement at a roundtable in Texas, saying his plan would include pursuing economic development in minority communities, confronting racial disparities in health care, signing an executive order to establish better training for the nation’s police and urging Congress to enact school choice nationwide. Trump made the announcement flanked by top administration officials, including Attorney General Bill Barr. [Source: Daily Caller]

Notice how his plan for black Americans differs wildly from the left. Democrats think black people need handouts like welfare and reparations. Liberals want to buy black folks’ support, which also keeps them dependent on the government.

Trump’s plan? He wants to increase school choice—so that black families can use federal education money on the best school for their kids. That means they’ll be free from going to the local public school near their homes, which is often the worst choice.

President Trump said, “access to education is the civil rights issue our time.” School choice is universally loved by Americans of all races and backgrounds. It gives parents the power to put their kids into good schools. It creates competition among educators, pushing them to improve what they offer to families.

The only people who oppose school choice? Greedy teachers’ unions who want more money and lower standards. They are all Democrat to a man.

President Trump is also pushing for better training for our police. Instead of defunding and punishing cops (and us), he wants to ensure moments like George Floyd’s death never happen again. By improving training, cops will be less-likely to do something dangerous or foolish in the heat of the moment.

Continuing his promise to improve inner cities, Trump also vowed “economic development” in minority communities. That will probably include funding to rebuild neighborhoods devastated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. He also promised to confront racial “disparities” in health care. This is most likely not more Medicare, but plans to improve hospitals in large cities, create competition among providers, and increase affordable insurance options.

The exact opposite of what Democrats want.

The president and Republicans have made it clear they will not back any plans House Democrats are pushing. Those include attempts to erase protections cops need in the line of duty or reductions in funding and support.

Democrats’ know what they are doing. Their plan would weaken PDs and result in fewer cops on the streets. That will lead to more crime, especially in areas with large numbers of minorities. Black Americans will suffer from more crime and violence.

Which Democrats will use in future elections to con them into voting for them.

Hmm… you think all this is connected?

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