President Trump’s Special Operation Just Hit Milestone – Democrats Enraged

In the aftermath of unrest and crime surges across blue cities, President Trump and the DOJ launched “Operation Legend.” The goal was to combat the rising crime in cities where Democrat leaders have failed to uphold the law. Since mid-Summer, the DOJ has been hard at work, rounding up suspects. Now, they’ve announced a major milestone.

At the start of the Summer, a new wave of crime swept over major cities across America. It appears that protests in response to police brutality gave way to organized riots and acts of violence, perpetrated by radical left-wing activists. These groups destroyed downtown businesses in big cities, burned housing, attacked churches, and looted everything in sight.

In response, Democrats pretended to stand in solidarity with the rioters by promising to defund police. In cities like New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, and others, they did in fact slash millions and billions from PD budgets. Immediately, crime surged in these cities.

President Trump called on local leaders to not only end the riots, but to support their law enforcement. He even offered the aid of the federal government to restore law and order. Democrats rejected his offer and even tried to blame the violence on him.

The president responded by forming “Operation Legend,” a Department of Justice campaign to end the surge in crime. Democrats criticized his decision, but the operation has yielded big results.

The anti-crime Operation Legend is “fully underway across the country” and has led to more than 2,000 arrests since its launch in early July, said U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio Justin Herdman.

As of the end of August, he told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, more than 470 people have been charged with federal crimes in major metropolitan cities, including nearly 150 people wanted for murder.

“We are not just arresting people for low-level warrants here,” Herdman said. “We’re talking about very violent fugitives, very violent criminals and we’re getting them off the streets of these nine cities across the country.” [Source: Fox News]

Where the local leaders have failed, the federal government is doing the job. Operation Legend has arrested more than 2,000 criminals since July. Over 470 people have been charged with federal crimes, including 150 wanted for murder.

We have to ask the obvious question: why did the federal government have to step in and arrest these people? You might think it’s the DOJ job to arrest criminals. But this operation had to be launched, because Democrats refuse to enforce the law.

In many Democrat-controlled states, they are lowering the bar so that criminals walk free. They’ve done away with bail, so that criminals (even violent ones) can’t be held before their trial. Other states are trying to get rid of incarceration altogether. During the COVID panic, they let criminals free, while arresting law-abiding churchgoers and barbers.

Democrats are punishing Americans while rewarding criminals. We see that firsthand with these riots. Democrat mayors and governors refuse to do what they need to in order to end the chaos. All it would take is for law enforcement to be allowed to actually arrest these rioters. Democrats don’t even want that.

Why? Because, at the end of the day, they want cities overrun with crime and poverty. If most Americans are struggling with crime and making ends meet, they can’t very well call out politicians for all their crimes! Democrats’ support of crime is just a smokescreen, so they can increase taxes, eradicate our liberties, and hand over our resources to globalists.

That’s the real reason they let BLM and Antifa burn down your businesses. And that’s the reason they oppose Trump’s efforts to combat crime.

Yet, as usual, they will fail.

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