Rand Paul Calls Out Fauci Over Biased COVID Response

From the very start of the pandemic, the media has been praising Anthony Fauci’s advice and comments. They appear to ignore the many times the NIH director has been wrong or contradicted himself. Recently, Fauci himself praised the Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, despite the state’s staggering death toll. Now, Sen. Rand Paul is calling out Fauci’s apparent double standard.

I don’t care how “bad” COVID gets in states like Texas and Florida. Their deaths won’t come near New York. Early on, while President Trump and others urged caution, New York’s leaders ignored the threat. Even in early March, the governor and health officials told New Yorkers they didn’t have to disrupt their day-to-day routines.

Only later did the state issue some of the harshest lockdown rules in the country.

Worse than that, the governor issued a rule that required nursing homes to take in patients sick with COVID. Even though we knew from the start that COVID spreads rapidly and the elderly is the greatest at risk, Cuomo forced the rule. He basically wrote these citizens their death certificates.

Yet, when it came time to discuss states’ response to the crisis, Anthony Fauci praised Gov. Cuomo. Why didn’t he call for the man’s resignation? Nowhere else suffered as badly as New York. Even though the virus is now under control, New Yorkers can’t even leave their homes. Hundreds of thousands have died while millions are out of work. That’s hardly a slam dunk to me.

Now, Sen. Rand Paul—a doctor himself—is calling out Fauci for praising New York, but ignoring Florida’s titanic achievement.

On Monday morning, Kentucky GOP senator Rand Paul, angered by Dr. Anthony Fauci having lavished praise on New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo for his response to the coronavirus pandemic while studiously ignoring Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis’ much more successful response, fired off a tweet targeting Fauci.

“FL and NY have an identical number of per capita coronavirus infections but FL has 5X less per capita deaths. Will Dr. Fauci be praising @GovRonDeSantis’ response to the pandemic? Will he point out that @NYGovCuomo’s response allowed a fivefold greater per capita death rate?” [Source: Daily Wire]

Even though Florida faced the same number of infections per capita, it did not come nearly close to the number of deaths as New York. Why is that? We can speculate, but we do know that Florida wasn’t locked down as long as New York.

They reopened quickly. Florida’s governor also prioritized protecting nursing homes and the elderly, getting the sick out of there as fast as possible.

What’s even more telling is that when infected New Yorkers wanted to get out of their lockdown hell, where did many of them go? FLORIDA. There should have been a much worse explosion of cases and deaths in the Sunshine State, but it was the opposite.

Yet Fauci praised the dictator-like leadership of Democrat Cuomo, but has been silent about Republican Gov. DeSantis’ success.

During June and July, the media slammed Texas, Florida, and Arizona over a “surge” in positive tests. Yet these Sunbelt states never saw their hospitals overwhelmed, nor did deaths get nearly as high as New York. Even though their populations were similar, conservative states in the South faired much, much better.

So, when is Fauci going to thank Gov. DeSantis or Gov. Abbott for their tough, tireless, and effective leadership? Is he going to explain why he praised Cuomo who, by any measurable standard, was a total failure? (New York only survived because of substantial aid provided by President Trump.)

Something tells me it will be a cold day in the Keys by the time Fauci admits that. The man appears all too eager to throw fire on the left’s politicization of the virus but does little to reveal fears or provide clear leadership.

Maybe we should stop listening to him altogether?

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