Republican AG’s Storm SCOTUS Over Fraud

Even as the media continues to claim Joe Biden won the election, movement is happening that might settle the issue once and for all. President Trump and many Republicans refuse to go down without a fight—revealing convincing evidence that widescale voter fraud has occurred. We saw plenty of reports of irregularities and possible wrongdoing in several key states. And the GOP is going after it all.

President Trump vowed legal action and several lawsuits are underway. In addition to that, many conservatives have taken to the streets to protest the shocking problems at the vote counting houses, in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Numerous top Republicans have Trump’s back, including lawmakers in the House and Senate. Some, like Sen. Lindsey Graham, has contributed large sums of money for the legal battles that are raging.

Now we are learning that numerous state attorney generals are taking the fight straight to the Supreme Court. Their target: Pennsylvania.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association and other attorneys general announced Monday that they filed a legal brief asking the Supreme Court to reverse the ruling from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court concerning the counting of late mail-in ballots in the state…

“We believe it’s akin to referees getting to change the rules of the game midway through the football game,” Landry said. “We believe that’s exactly what the Pennsylvania Supreme Court did. The referees, which are the judges, don’t get to write the rules — that’s the legislature.”…

Schmitt said that mail-in ballot fraud is the most common form of election fraud. He also said every illegal vote that was cast should not be counted as part of the results in the battleground state of Pennsylvania. [Source: Just the News]

Much of the election conflict surrounds Pennsylvania. On Election Night, Trump had a massive lead—when the counters suddenly stopped. The next day and days following, suddenly Biden was getting thousands of votes, conveniently enough to overcome Trump’s commanding lead.

We know that the state’s courts allowed late ballots to be counted as well as ballots that didn’t even have a postmark. That situation can easily be exploited by voter fraud, as Democrats could deliberately make up the difference in votes after the election.

The big tragedy is that this case was brought to the Supreme Court before the election. But the court was split with a 4-4 decision, Justice Roberts breaking from the conservative wing to join liberal justices. Republicans fought to revisit this issue before the election, with Justice Barrett now serving, but didn’t have the time.

Had Roberts bothered to uphold the law—as it is written—we wouldn’t be in the situation. Those mysterious late ballots would never have been counted and Trump would have easily won PA fair and square.

The only solution now is to take the matter back to the court, ASAP, and have it overruled. But time is running out. If they can’t get this case moving in time, there is no way Trump can reverse this apparent act of fraud.

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