Republican Governors Fight Back–Refuse To Concede To Democrat ‘Authority’

The cold and flu season is upon us—so you know what that means. The media is hyping up a “spike” in COVID cases, ignoring the fact that many regions are including regular illnesses with the total number of positive tests. This has led to many Democrat governors gleefully shutting down their states again—despite the hard numbers proving that to be a deadly move.

In Chicago, the idiot mayor forbad Americans from celebrating Thanksgiving (I’m sure Christmas is on the chopping block, too). That is the same in states like California and New York. These leftists have no problem sabotaging the livelihoods of millions of working Americans—knowing that lockdowns did nothing to stop the disease the first time.

Instead, lockdowns led to massive job losses, ruined educations, suicides, drug overdoses, and incredible spikes in mental illness. But no, we should keep the country under lockdown forever. Hell, let’s lockdown the whole country, which Joe Biden keeps promising to do.

But there is a glimmer of hope… if you live outside the blue hell that are Democrat states. If you live in rural or small-town America, you’ll probably be fine. You’ll also be fine in these two large states, because they’re run by sane, Republican governors.

America’s two largest Republican states — Texas and Florida — have announced that they will not be going into any more lockdowns as coronavirus cases surge across the country. The news comes as 45 out of 50 states have seen at least a 10% increase in coronavirus cases from the previous week.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott “said in an interview that there won’t be ‘any more lockdowns’ in the state and he wants to focus on ‘working to heal those who have Covid’ so they can leave the hospitals and get back to their normal routines”…

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis also dismissed the notion of shutting down his state as cases surge around the country…

“The Governor will not lock down and hurt families who can’t afford to shelter in place for 6 weeks. Especially not for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Look at that! It only took seven months of pure hell for sanity to kick in. And then, only for two heavily Republican states. Both governors of Texas and Florida are refusing to force their entire populations into unnecessary lockdowns which nearly crippled this country. Instead, they are focusing on tactics that actually work, like providing resources to protect the elderly—the one group we know is at highest risk.

You have to wonder why any leader would subject their people to the terrible scourge of lockdowns, after learning what we’ve learned. Lockdowns did nothing to “slow the spread,” but they did harm us in unthinkable ways. Some wonder if places like New York or California will ever recover, even as their leaders force new restrictions.

I can’t say for certain if they will. But I will tell you this, now’s a good time to move.

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