Rioters Storm Quiet Neighborhoods With Horrifying New Tactics

Riots in the city of Portland continue to escalate, even as the local Democrat leaders ignore them. Antifa, BLM, and other activists have stormed a federal courthouse and demolished much of the downtown. Lately, they have been invading suburban neighbors, calling for blood against their “oppressors.” Now, they are literally carrying around a guillotine. You read that right.

It’s unthinkable that Democrats still ignore the growing threat of Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other leftist rioters. The standard statement still spread by the liberal media and Democrats is that these are just “peaceful protestors” demanding justice for racial oppression or police brutality. But that excuse has long ago become unbelievable, as these rioters make it very clear their goal is a total upheaval of American society.

All of these groups are self-proclaimed Marxists. They want nothing short than an overthrow of the government. Perhaps wealthy liberals in Seattle, Portland, or LA ignored the chaos, as it was happening far away in the inner city and downtown. But recently, these rioters have invaded quiet suburbs, demanding locals to come out of their houses and face “justice.”

And it’s only getting worse. One night recently, they marched through a neighborhood, carrying around a guillotine.

I kid you not.

Violent rioters attacked police in Portland on Saturday after marching through a suburb area carrying a guillotine and other weapons.

The Portland Police Department said that a group of 250 people participated in the march throughout the suburb area on their way to the Penumbra Kelly Building, which houses public safety offices.

Videographer BG On the Scene recorded numerous videos of the night’s action, noting in one video that “protesters have brought out a guillotine to the streets.” Another video showed the rioters burning American flags and a teddy bear. [Source: Daily Wire]

I mean, seriously? These rioters were literally carrying around a device for chopping off people’s heads. Still, want to go with the line that they are peaceful protesters? With each passing week, they are getting more and violent.

How long before they storm into these suburban houses, drag people into the streets, and literally kill them?

The only reason this is allowed to happen is because the cowardly, limp-wristed Democrats who run these states are doing nothing. Maybe, once upon a time, they thought that ignoring or supporting these rioters would help them.

But how can they still turn a blind eye to anarchists who drag a murder machine through the streets?

Is there anyone left in Portland (with a brain) that is going to vote Democrat in November? Hey idiots! Rioters are calling for your heads! This is entirely because you voted for liberals who refuse to uphold law and order.

Do you think Antifa is marching with a guillotine through streets in Texas? Yeah, that would be a big mistake. And not just because so many Texans are armed to the teeth. It’s because most Texans are smart enough to elect leaders that actually put criminals in jail. These anarchists wouldn’t last a day in conservative regions where cops actually do their jobs.

President Trump withdrew federal law enforcement from Portland, because the state and city promised to get things under control. Clearly, they lied. The rioters may have left the courthouse alone, but they went to where they really wanted to go all along: safe neighborhoods.

They won’t be happy until every square inch of Portland is rubble. Then what? This group wont be satisfied until everywhere is just as bad.

It’s unthinkable that the Democrats did not mention this once during their convention. They pretend like it’s not happening! People have died. Property and livelihoods destroyed. And Democrats continue to complain about Trump.

All I can say is, if you vote for a Democrat in November, you deserve the destruction it brings.

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