RNC Chairwoman Issues Startling Threat To Biden Over Debates

In recent days, numerous liberal outlets have been calling on Joe Biden to cancel his three debates with Trump. These Democrats appear to be trying to protect Joe from facing off with the president, though they claim other excuses. The GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called out Biden. If he refuses to debate Trump, she said this should happen.

I think you’d agree that this year’s election cycle has been one of the oddest in our history. But the lockdowns, riots, and utter lack of events aren’t even the craziest part of the 2020 Election. It’s the fact that Democrats are pushing a presidential candidate that might be suffering from dementia.

The writing’s on the wall, folks. With each new interview or appearance, Joe Biden seems more and more mentally unfit to lead. He slurs his words, gets confused about where he is, can’t finish sentences written for him, often refuses questions from the press, and has frequent temper flare-ups. All troubling signs that the man’s experiencing mental decline.

His wife recently had to defend him, saying he was fine. Yeah, not very convincing. It’s gotten so bad that numerous media outlets have gotten behind a call for Biden to cancel his debate appearances. They have various excuses, mostly accusing Trump of “lying.” But we know the truth: they fear what Joe might do when forced to debate Donald Trump.

Now, RNC Chairwoman has some stern words for the Democrats, if Joe does drop out of the debates.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel on Tuesday criticized the growing media push to scrap the presidential debates this fall.

McDaniel argued that media figures are acting on behalf of the Biden campaign in making those demands and that Biden refusing to debate Trump in the lead-up to the 2020 election would be “disqualifying.”…

“I think it is disqualifying. If you cannot debate in front of the American people, and make your case as to why you should be President, as to why you should go up against people like Putin or Xi, then you should not be President.” [Source: Just the News]

McDaniel said if Biden doesn’t do the three debates he agreed to, “he should be disqualified.”

It’s disturbing that some liberals think Joe Biden doesn’t have to debate. He’s already refused to do so much that normally accompanies a presidential race. Sure, there have been lockdowns and ongoing virus concerns. But Donald Trump has pushed to hold rallies and other events. His campaign is working overtime to find ways of connecting with voters and mustering enthusiasm.

Biden prefers hiding in his basement. He hasn’t held a live event, with supporters, in a long time. Even recent press briefings were short, with questions that were clearly submitted beforehand. It seems that Biden is trying to avoid the spotlight as much as possible—the very opposite of what a presidential candidate normally does.

Imagine what the Trump campaign would do if Biden actually drops out of the debates? They would have a field day. There is no way Biden’s camp could back out and not look weak. Trump could spend weeks, months even, slamming Biden for being too “afraid” of debating him. Joe debated Bernie and other Democrats, after all. Why should he fear debating Trump?

If he does, be sure to hear excuses ranging from COVID concerns to accusations against Trump. But they will all ring hollow. Millions of Americans won’t buy those excuses. They expect that a man running for president should stand up and confront his rival.

But if Biden does go through with the debates, he might be facing bigger problems. We know Joe is having trouble, regardless of why. He clearly lacks energy and stamina to run a campaign. Just how is he going to handle going toe-to-toe with Trump?

He can’t—and that’s his big dilemma. He’s in trouble whether he does or does not.

If only the Democrats hadn’t sabotaged their own primary race to get this guy?

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