Romney Forced To Make Admission About Trump No One Expected

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney won a senate seat, thanks largely to Donald Trump’s endorsement in 2018. The senator then proceeded to oppose the president at every turn. Many are calling Romney a RINO—a fake conservative that bows to the swamp. Recently, he predicted who will win the 2020 Election, but he didn’t make clear who he’ll vote for.

Even with all of Donald Trump’s success as a conservative president, there are still Republicans who oppose him. It’s pretty sad to be a “Never Trumper” in this day and age. What do these people want, a Joe Biden presidency? Do they really think conservative values like pro-life will be defended by a Democrat?

I can’t say for sure. But we have to question any Republican that openly defies Trump, these days. That’s especially true of Mitt Romney. The man opposed Trump in 2016. Only during his own race for a senate seat did the man embrace Trump to get his endorsement. But what has Mitt done since then?

Oh, nothing… he was just the ONLY Republican (in House or Senate) to vote for impeachment!

Recently, the “conservative” marched for Black Lives Matter outside the White House. It appears he is embracing a radical hate group that frequently targets the president—despite Trump’s record at helping black Americans.

Now, Romney is predicting who he thinks will win the White House. But he won’t say one important thing.

Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) predicted on Wednesday afternoon that President Donald Trump will win against presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, an election that he believes will also allow the Republican Party to keep its slim Senate majority.

“I’m confident that we will keep the majority in the Senate. And I actually have long predicted the president will be reelected – I continue to think that’s the case,” Romney told Politico reporter Jake Sherman…

Earlier this week, The New York Times said that Romney was one of several high-profile Republicans who wouldn’t vote for Trump in the general election, in a report citing “people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to disclose private discussions.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Romney himself admitted he didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton in 2016, writing in another name he hasn’t disclosed. Now, he’s saying that Trump will be re-elected, but falls short of endorsing him or saying he’d vote for him.

Now, why would he do a thing like that? It seems Romney wants to have his cake and eat it too. He’s a sitting Republican senator, so he can’t openly oppose Trump (and keep his job). But he also seems to crave the respect and acceptance of the media and D.C. swamp. So, he can’t embrace Trump like he should.

Instead, he plays this game. He thinks he can pander to conservatives by saying Trump will win. But he keeps his distance by refusing to endorse or say he’ll vote for the president.

The New York Times report claims several “high-profile” Republicans won’t vote for Trump, including Romney and George W. Bush. Bush’s spokesperson denies that report, but won’t say whom the former president will vote for. So far, Romney hasn’t denied that report.

Romney has recently stated he will “stay quiet” about his November vote. Really, Mitt? You have one of two choices: you can support the leader of your party OR you can support Joe Biden, a Democrat that will undo everything you claim to believe in.

The choice seems pretty clear to me. But men like Romney seem completely unwilling to take a stand. Why? Is he so cowardly, so weak-willed, that he can’t even do something as simple as defend and support the president?

Kind of makes you wonder why he’s in office at all?

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