Sanders’ Soviet Past Returns… This 37 Year Old Report Is All Trump Needs To Shred Him In Any Debate

By Adam Casalino February 7th, 2020 | Image Source: GOP Daily Brief

It looks like Democrats might pick Bernie Sanders to run against Trump for the presidency.

The senator says he is a “Democratic” socialist, but that doesn’t seem to stack up to his agenda.

He wants to transform America. Into want, I wonder?

He seems to have a special place in his heart for the Soviet Union—a country that eventually collapsed under the weight of communism.

(Bernie even honeymooned there—who does that!?)

But, we are now learning, his connection to the Soviet Union could run even deeper than that.

From Daily Wire:

A spy from the former communist superpower, the Soviet Union, congratulated socialist Bernie Sanders in March 1983 for winning re-election as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and for meeting with him in Sanders’ office.

This can’t be good. A spy from the Soviet Union apparently congratulated Bernie Sanders after his win on March 1983.

According to the report, the man even met with the senator in Bernie’s own office.

This could be even worse than it sounds. A TIME article revealed that Soviet spies at the time were befriending our leaders, pretending to be diplomats, to get classified information about our government.

In fact, in many cases the FBI had to step in and “control” the relationships. They were rightfully concerned American politicians were giving out important data.

Should this report concern Americans? Sanders had a strong interest in Soviet Russia, to honeymoon there and entertain “guests” from there. The question is, how deep did it go?

Is it possible this spy exploited Bernie Sanders, or worse?

The bigger question, of course, is: how much does Sanders still respect socialism and communism? The Soviets may be gone, but their ideas remain.

Bernie doesn’t seem to appreciate American freedom and the free markets that have made us the most successful nation on earth.

Sanders wants to get rid of private health insurance and create a socialist government-run system. How many other industries does he want to do that to?

Does he want a total takeover of private industry by the government?

If Democrats choose Bernie as the nominee, he needs to be fully vetted. Because it seems like, after decades in government, we don’t know everything we need to about this socialist.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Bernie Sanders Dazed By 37-Year-Old Report – Claims Soviet Spy Met With Bernie To Congratulate Him On Election

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