Schumer Is Hoping People Don’t Read This 2012 Tweet

By Mary R January 7th, 2020 | Image Source: The American Prospect

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Chuck Schumer’s tweets regarding Obama’s drone strikes that are parallel in authority to those done in Trump’s presidency (minus the fact that Obama ordered more, and targeted US civilians) have been unearthed by Jack Posobiec.

Jack is a veteran intel officer and a patriot.

This is Schumer’s original tweet:

Please enjoy Twitter’s hilarity:

It must suck so hard to be found out like this. It is undoubtedly getting harder and harder for their spin doctors to wrap up the crap they give them and turn it into something palatable.

I’m all for decisive drone strike policies — the fewer troops we put on the ground to take the bad guys out, the better. I just want the democrats to admit that Trump did the right thing. He eliminated a terrorist and a “Master Mind of Death.”

He didn’t need congressional approval. He showed his strength when our weak Presidents before showed their cowardice. They should be proud, and yet they continue to undermind him at every turn.

Let’s vote these idiots out in 2020.

Author: Mary R

Source: Chicks On Right: Chuck Schumer’s Tweet From Obama’s Drone Strike Unearthed And The Comment Section Is AMAZING

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