Scientists Revolt: Demand End To Democrat Tyranny

The COVID panic gripped the country for months, inspiring Americans to hide in their homes. But very quickly, we saw how fear and hysteria destroyed our country. The economy took a nosedive, with many deadly, unintended consequences. Yet today, many months later, some Democrats want to prolonged and increase their lockdowns. Now, thousands of medical and public health experts are demanding an end to this nonsense once and for all.

The data is pretty clear. The toll lockdowns (and unending COVID fearmongering) have had on our country is catastrophic. Scared of the 200,000+ death ticker on news websites? Well, the consequences of these un-Constitutional lockdowns are far worse. The fallout on education, businesses, and mental health is far too high to count. Deaths from a lack of medical care, mental health lapses, drug overdoses, and suicides are far worse than COVID deaths.

Why? Because they could have all been avoided if our leaders followed real science, not fearmongers in the media. (After all, ever pandemic study prior to 2020 said lockdowns and masks do not work.)

But despite the fact the time has long passed for every state to reopen, dictators like Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gavin Newsom of California continue their abuse policy of lockdowns. Even as residents flee in droves. Even as tax revenue plummets. Even as more Americans die of despair, Democrats refuse to budge.

So now, a horde of medical experts are shaming these idiotic leftists.

Thousands of medical and public health experts have signed on to a declaration calling for an end to lockdown policies in favor of a more targeted approach to combatting the coronavirus pandemic…

By Wednesday morning, nearly 3,200 medical and public health scientists, nearly 4,800 medical practitioners, and over 73,100 others had signed onto the declaration…

“As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection,” the declaration begins. [Source: Daily Wire]

The document calls for a targeted approach that protects high-risk populations like the elderly, rather than mass-scale lockdowns. Gee, isn’t that what we’ve been saying for months?

These experts say lockdowns have “devastating effects” on short and long-term public health. Yep. In nearly every metric that has been affected by the lockdowns, you can figure out how damaging they are to your health. Businesses shut down, depriving many of needed goods and services. The business owners and employees aren’t earning an income. They, in turn, can pay for necessities like food and medical care.

Need I go on? Many are dying from overdoses and suicide. The document says the evil, draconic lockdowns enacted by people like Gov. Whitmer of Michigan are causing “irreparable damage” to our society.

But we know why these Democrats refuse to budge. They are drunk on power, thinking the federal government will bail them out. What began as a stall tactic to hurt Trump has turned into an obsession with Democrats. They stole power and liberty from their residents and they will never give it back. Unless they are voted out of office, I fear it will take the National Guard to pry some of these reprobates from behind their desks.

We know all the science, by now. We know that this virus did not warrant the fear and panic it produced. We also know the left stirred up hysteria because it’s an election year. But that is not acceptable. We can’t keep letting Democrats take our country hostage, just so they can squeeze more power out of our hands.

They need to be rejected, en masse. Or our liberties, and lives, are done for.

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