Supreme Court Makes Historic Electoral College Ruling For 2020 Election

In 2016, we saw a disturbing trend among those tasked with casting electoral votes. Several electors from various states were “faithless,” refusing to vote for the candidate who won the state’s election. It appears this trend would have been used to prevent Trump from winning re-election. But the Supreme Court—by unanimous vote—just shut this scheme down.

This is what normally happens during a presidential election: whichever candidate wins a state’s popular vote, he or she wins all their electoral votes. Barring a few exceptions, that means every state’s electors have to cast their vote for the person who won.

Some states are trying to get rid of the Electoral College altogether, a feat that is far from being accomplished. In the meantime, it appears there are some electors who think they can “go rogue,” refusing to cast their vote for the person who won the state. This happened during the 2016 Election. These faithless electors were not successful, because state laws required them to vote the right away.

So, these people took their case to the Supreme Court, hoping obviously that this would affect 2020. But the Supreme Court, every last justice, gave them the bad news.

States can pass laws that punish so-called “faithless electors” who refuse to cast an official ballot for the winner of that state’s popular vote, the Supreme Court said Monday, in a unanimous 9-0 decision authored by Justice Elena Kagan…

“10 of the 538 presidential electors went rogue, attempting to vote for someone other than their pledged candidate. In all, 32 states and the District of Columbia have laws that are meant to discourage faithless electors. But until 2016, no state had ever actually punished or removed an elector because of his or her vote.”

“The Constitution’s text and the Nation’s history both support allowing a State to enforce an elector’s pledge to support his party’s nominee — and the state voters’ choice — for President.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is pretty significant, thanks to the unanimous vote. Every justice on the court, both conservative and liberal, refused to let faithless electors get away with their scheme. This is important, because this entire movement was built around preventing Trump from winning the 2016 Election. Had this group of electors gotten away with it, you better believe there would have been many more in 2020.

In fact, Democrats might have been planning on an uprising across key states, depriving Trump from securing the needed votes to win re-election. It’s possible that Democrats would have targeted enough electors to make sure Biden won—even if he lost the state.

Sounds crazy? Have you seen what Democrats have been doing lately? They impeached Trump over nothing. They embrace radical, far-left extremism. They robbed Americans of their religious freedom. And they sat back and let activists burn their cities to the ground. Of course, they would pressure electors to go rogue, if it meant Trump couldn’t stay in office.

But the Supreme Court was smart enough to see through this bogus case. They ruled states had the right to require electors to cast their votes according to the will of the people. They have no right to reject the results of their own state’s popular vote, just because they don’t like a candidate.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen the Supreme Court split on various issues. Bush-appointed Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberal wing to embrace far-left issues. But in this case, all the justices were united in knocking down faithless electors.

That should tell you just how crucial this issue is. All the justices ruled on the side of protecting our democracy.

It’s another setback for the radical left.

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