Ted Cruz Blasts Google For Sneaky Shut-Down Of Conservative Sites

Americans were shocked to discover NBC News and other liberal outlets went after conservative news sites over their stance on Black Lives Matter. According to one NBC report, they got Google to demonetize two right-leaning websites, so they cannot run ads from their network. As the heat mounted, Google backtracked. But not before Ted Cruz fired back.

Let’s get one thing straight: nobody is above scrutiny. Not even Black Lives Matter. But it seems, after weeks of rioting and violent protests, the left wants to prop up this political activist group. They seem to think because BLM claims to care about black people, it should be immune to criticism.

They tried to shut down Tucker Carlson’s show because he questioned this group. And then they went after conservative news site The Federalist. NBC even boasted they got Google to remove the site from its ad platform, all because they criticized a group that claims to defend black lives.

So, Ted Cruz is taking a stand against this modern form of oppression.

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said Google’s recent actions involving The Federalist, a conservative publication, raises serious concerns that the tech giant is abusing its power to censor political speech it disagrees with.

NBC News reported Tuesday that Google “banned” The Federalist and ZeroHedge, another right-leaning website, from Google Ads for “pushing unsubstantiated claims” about the Black Lives Matter movement…

Cruz wrote that Americans at one time understood the best response to free speech, “was more free speech.” He claimed that some Americans, with the assistance of powerful companies, are now pressing to silence and punish people who express their views that don’t “align with the prevailing and ever-shifting progressive orthodoxy.” [Source: Fox News]

Don’t be fooled: this has nothing to do with Black Lives Matter. NBC is just threatened that a website is having more influence than their entire news network. Like so many other groups on the left, they see how conservative speakers, websites, and news organizations are gaining support among Americans. Meanwhile, toxic outlets like CNN, New York Times, and NBC are rapidly losing steam.

So, what is a leftist network to do? Improve their standards to win back viewers? LOL, that’s ridiculous! They’ll just try to shut down sites by getting Google to demonetize them!

The excuse that The Federalist is “slandering” BLM is bogus. In a free speech society, a website has the right to post opinions about a movement. Nobody, as I said before, is above scrutiny. But NBC and others know that Google and liberal organizations will do anything to appear “woke.” So, if you say The Federalist is attacking Black Lives Matter (meaning: “they’re racist”), then Google will be happy to shut them down.

After intense backlash, Google apparently tried to pivot, claiming they were only concerned with comments on the site. Sorry, but since when has Google or anyone hammered a website for the comments of visitors?

Google knows full well that The Federalist cannot be held responsible for the comments made by visitors. If that were the case, YouTube would be hammered every time a nutjob posts a nasty comment under a video. This is just a smokescreen, to hide the fact that they were trying to censor and deplatform this website.

Cruz’s response comes as Congress continues to discuss online censorship. This might motivate more lawmakers to either revoke social network’s immunity or pass legislation to protect online users’ rights. More and more leaders are beginning to realize the real battle for free speech is happening on websites controlled by powerful companies.

Even liberals need to take notice. If Google can do this to The Federalist, they can do it to Vox, Mother Jones, or the Huffington Post. If they can censor one, they can censor all.

That’s not power anyone deserves.

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