Ted Cruz Slams Former FBI Chief for Involvement in Spygate

The Russian investigation and Mueller report might be in some’s rearview mirror, but many Americans have not forgotten. The Obama FBI conducted a questionable investigation against the Trump campaign—sparking a smear campaign that many Democrats continue to spread. Former FBI head James Comey spoke to the Senate about the investigation. He refused to give straight answers, inciting the wrath of Ted Cruz.

Spygate or “Obamagate” has plenty of twists and turns, but it boils down to this: before and after the 2016 Election, Obama’s FBI and DOJ conducted an investigation into Trump’s campaign. They monitored a staffer’s emails, violating his 4th Amendment rights. Why was it a violation? Because the “warrant” they acquired from the courts was based on a bogus dossier.

The very same dossier Clinton crafted to slander Trump as a Russian puppet.

This led to the Mueller probe, where after years it was proven Trump never worked with Russia. Yet, to this day, Democrats and the media keep claiming Trump is a Putin puppet.

What we are learning instead, is that the FBI during that time was making questionable, perhaps illegal, steps to frame Trump and his associates. There was no evidence to justify an investigation, yet they pursued one anyway.

James Comey was forced to testify about all this before the Senate. As usual, he refused to cop to what he knew. Senator Ted Cruz decided to let him have it.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) confronted James Comey on Wednesday, asserting the former FBI director was “corrupt” and led a purposely disingenuous investigation into the Trump campaign in 2016…

“This investigation of the president was corrupt. The FBI and the Department of Justice were politicized and weaponized, and, in my opinion, there are only two possibilities: that you were deliberately corrupt or woefully incompetent—and I don’t believe you were incompetent,” Cruz said at the end of his questioning. “This has done severe damage to the professionals and the honorable men and women at the FBI because law enforcement should not be used as a political weapon, and that is the legacy you’ve left.” [Source: Daily Wire]

We know that top FBI officials were either trying to expose Trump as a Russian pawn or set him up to look like one. Peter Stzrok referred to this as an “insurance plan” to prevent Trump from becoming president. Comey claimed several times Trump himself wasn’t under investigation, which were bald-faced lies.

More evidence has come out in an ongoing DOJ criminal investigation that Obama’s FBI was up to no good. Yet Comey refuses to admit he knew anything about the wrongdoing. Really? The man was in charge of the FBI. We’re supposed to believe he didn’t know what his own people were doing?

There is even evidence to suggest Obama and Biden were in on it, given that they both agreed to go after Michael Flynn. But Comey keeps claiming ignorance or innocence.

Cruz hit the nail on the head when he said the only way Comey couldn’t know about the wrongdoing was because he was either bad at his job or corrupt. And Cruz didn’t think Comey was bad at his job.

The DOJ inspector general already outed the FBI for how they conducted this investigation, saying Comey and his department’s reputation was ruined. Attorney General Barr appointed John Durham to get to the bottom of it. It is very likely big heads will roll, perhaps Comey’s or even form AG Loretta Lynch’s.

But even to his dying breath, Comey will probably never admit he was wrong. Even if they lock him up and throw away the key—he’ll probably still claim he is innocent.

Might as well try and see.

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